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Skill Development

Skill Development

As the curriculum covers up all the multiple intelligences the school ensures to develop all the essential skills like finer motor skills, gross motors skills, social, emotional skills & cognitive skills too.

Fine motor Skills

Finer Motor Skills are developed through activities like cutting, pasting, clay work, mud play, sand play & water play. These activities enhance the development of the little fingers that are strengthened, ready to write and perform other activities. The eye-hand coordination, the emot pal and sensory needs are also fulfilled during water play and sand play activities. A special play room is created for the same for that day.

Gross Motor Development is the physical development involving the larger muscles and their coordination that is supported through games on the play equipment and other teacher guided games like aiming games, pre-coaching for basketball, football and cricket.


To inculcate moral values and respect for culture the school celebrates many festivals throughout the year. Students are encouraged to dress up for the function, provided with information, and served a special delicacy for that day. This thus helps maintain a healthy and 'we-are-one' ambience.

Events & Functions

These are majorly done in co-ordination with the parents to create a bond between the school, parents & students. A few to be named are The Annual Concert, The Graduation ceremony for the students promoted to Grade 1 from Senior Kg, The Multicultural day, The Night Suit day, The Grandparent's day and many more.

The Play Room

Social and emotional skills are developed through working in groups, interacting and learning to share. This they experience through the activities in the play room. They get an opportunity to play roles like mom and dad, shopkeeper, doctor, hairstylist, florist etc. The cognitive development takes place with the help of various problem-solving activities, puzzles, mazes and the rounded curriculum.