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For us at Little Wonders International the word 'curriculum' has a single powerful association- the image of 'The Whole Child, and hence, the curriculum and 'The Whole Child' tend to be seen as inseparable. Little Wonders International houses classes from Playgroup to Sr.Kg.

Our pedagogy understands 'The Whole Child' means the child's complete integration of intellectual (cognitive), emotional, social and physical capabilities. We believe that all teaching and learning must involve and develop the intelligence to create thinking individuals, who get the right developmental learning and are inspired to be independent learners and achievers- thus creating global citizens.

Learning involves using three to four of the nine Intelligences evolved by Howard Gardner like :


learning through listening and speaking.


using mathematical concepts to learn to reason, calculate, and keep logic going, precise.


learning through visual aids so as to able to draw, copy, paint, and work with images, observant.


bodily learning through activities-i.e.is able to use hands well, good at physical activity, dancer & actor.


learning through music.


co-operative learning while discussing, relates well to others, works well in teams, & helps others.


learning through self- assessment- Thinks a lot, aware of self, self motivated, honest with self.


learning through nature- Interested in the environment and the living world.


learning through moral values. Sensitive towards fairness and justice