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What is Internationalism?

An International school must possess the following features

  • It addresses to the learning requirements of 21st century.
  • It adopts the International Baccalaureate (IB) and/ or I Cambridge programmer from Pre-School to Grade 12.
  • International standards and International validation.
  • Sensitizing students to global issues such as environment, peace, poverty, conflict, resolution, etc.
  • Internationalism means a school that functions with an International curriculum, irrespective of large campus or a large space.
  • An International Curriculum is one which is applicable worldwide in any country & adapts to the culture of that country.
What is the school academic curriculum?

The school academic curriculum is based on the best practices of the National & International Curriculum Framework (NCF). The key components of Little Wonders & Wisdom High Academic Programs are:

  • A well designed curriculum with a subject wise concept framework.
  • Modern teaching methodology supported through multimedia and ICT enabled classrooms.
  • Focus on the learner through holistic and experimental learning.
  • Assessment of learning and for learning are done for summative and formative assessments.
  • Excellent Infrastructure to support the teaching-learning process.
  • Differentiated learning for Cambridge students.
How do I choose the right school for my child?

The latest in the list of dilemmas that parents have, is the Choice of curriculum and school & very few are 100% satisfied with their choice. But all we need to do is take a look at the success stories around us.

We need to understand what we want for our child:

  • A curriculum as per the capabilities and adaptability of your child.
  • A curriculum for lifelong learning at International standards.
  • A school with high class amenities and infrastructure and sports facilities.
  • A school which teaches values, culture, traditions and prepares your child for the global world with the right attitude towards life.
  • For success stories look into the alumni- where have they been placed and nurtured as most able and efficient Students.
  • Well trained and efficient teachers.
Do you have any special arrangements for students with learning difficulties or students as slow learners? If yes, what?

Yes, At the Recharge Centre in our school, psychologists and teachers work with the students to identify their difficulty and give complete guidance & counseling.

  • We also provide support to diagnose with the provision for a learning disabled student.
  • We include the child with learning difficulties in a regular classroom with the provision of the use of calculators/ printed notes/ reader & writer for regular course and examinations.
  • For a slow learner, our venture “Connect Academy” provides the NIOS curriculum which caters to the child’s learning as per his abilities.
Which Education Board should I choose for my child?

Choose a curriculum that suits the learning style of your child and makes him / her a happy learner


Details ICSE Cambridge IGCSE
Board Indian Certificate of Secondary Education by CISCE, Delhi International General Certificate of Secondary Education by Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Course curriculum is wide, covering range of topics to explore overall growth of student.
  • Prefers to give practical knowledge and focus on analytical skills..
  • Academically rigorous, internationally used and specialized curriculum.
  • Emphasis on languages and technical subjects- with logical thinking and applicative approach.
  • Subject selection options available to students to follow their liking for a particular subject from Math/Sciences/ languages/ Elective subjects Total 9 subjects.
  • Can select subjects as combination of 2 sciences & a commerce as per learning preference. Minimum 5, maximum 9 subjects to study.
* Has equal focus on languages, science and art and encourages students to choose across diverse topics for class 9 to 12 * Encourages vital educational skills including oral skills, investigative and problem solving,
team work, recall of knowledge and initiative with application and reasoning.
  • Not available.
  • Diagnostic service comprising of standardized tests available.
School after Grade 10 Students can take any board of study as CBSE/ Cambridge/ ISC/ HSC as per their career needs. Cambridge A & AS Level after 10. Students can take any board of study as CBSE/ ISC/ HSC. They
can also study in India after 12th.
Area of operations CISCE India, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia. 150 countries, including India, USA, UK & Other Asian countries.
Subject options Provides subjects of Science OR
Commerce to students right at Grade 9 (ICSE Level)
Provides various fields / streams of Arts, Science, and Commerce as a combination to students right at Grade 9 (IGCSE Level)
Prepare students for Various entrance tests for higher education and enter into the career path fully prepared. Prepares students to apply to Indian and Universities abroad supporting the development of thinking, learning and research at the Highest international levels
of excellence.
Study Pattern 20% application based and 80% theory 70% application based and 30% theory


Which curriculums do Wisdom High Group of Schools host?

Wisdom High Group of School hosts:

  • Kindergarten blended  International curriculum.
  • ICSE/ISC – Grd 1 to 12.
  • Cambridge CPP/IGCSE/ AS & A Levels – Grd 1 to 12.
  • SSC/HSC – Grd 8 to 12.
  • NIOS – Grd 5 to 12.

Campuses of Wisdom High Group of Schools –

Rameshwar Nagar Campus

# Little Wonders International (blended international Curriculum)

  • Kindergarten: Playgroup to Sr. Kg.

# Wisdom High International School (ICSE Curriculum)

  • Junior School:- Grade 1 to 2.
  • Middle School:- Grade 3 to 6.
  • Senior School:- Grade 7 to 10.

Govardhan Campus (Separate Wings)

Wisdom High International School and Jr. College

# Cambridge :- CPP/IGCSE/A & AS Levels

  • Junior School:- Grade 1 to 4.
  • Middle School:- Grade 5 to 8.
  • Senior & High School:- Grade 9 to 12.


  • Junior School: - Grade 1 to 4.
  • Middle School:- Grade 5 to 8.
  • Senior & High School:- Grade 9 to 12.


  • Senior School (SSC) :- Grades 8 to 10.
  • High School (HSC) :- Grades 11 & 12 - Bifocal Science / Plain Science / Commerce / Arts.

# Connect Academy NIOS ( open school for tender learners)

  • Grades 5 to 12.
What are the subjects offered at each level of schooling from Kindergarten toGrade 12?
  • Kindergarten: English, Hindi (only recognition of alphabets), Math, EVS, ICT, Art, Music.
  • Junior School (Grds 1 to 5): English, Hindi, Marathi, French (Grd 5&6), Math, Science, Social Studies, ICT, Global Perspectives for Cambridge, Coding, Financial Literacy ,Art, Music, SUPW.
  • Middle School ( Grds 6 to 8): English Literature, English Language, Hindi or French, Marathi, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Geography, ICT & Computer Science, Global Perspectives for Cambridge, Coding, Financial Literacy, Art , Music, SUPW.
  • Senior School (9 & 10):
    #At ICSE:
    1. Languages: English Literature, English Language, Hindi or Marathi or French.
    2. Math OR Economics.
    3. Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) OR Commercial Studies.
    4. Social Studies: History / Civics and Geography.
    5. Group C (Any one): Computer Applications, Home Science, Art, Commercial Applications.
    6. Others : Financial Literature, Coding, SUPW.
    #At Cambridge (9 & 10) IGCSE:
    1. Languages: English as Second Language, Hindi or French.
    2. Mathematics (High Level or Low Level).
    3. Any 5 from below subjects of Sciences / Art / Technical / Humanities / Commerce: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Management, Art & Design, Information & Computer Technology, Computer Science, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting,Geography.
    4. Other: Financial Literature & Coding.
    #At NIOS ( 9 & 10 ) :
    1. Language : English.
    2. Economics.
    3. Business studies.
    4. Home science.
    5. Vocational course- basic of computing , Drawing and painting.
  • High School (Grades 11 & 12):
    #At ISC Commerce — 5 subjects:
    1. Languages: English Literature, English Language.
    2. Mathematics or Business Studies.
    3. Accounts.
    4. Economics.
    5. Commerce.
    #At Cambridge A & AS Levels — 5 subjects (3 at A levels & 2 at AS levels):
    1. Language: General English Language - @ AS level.
    2. Mathematics — Pure, Mechanics & Statistics.
    3. Any 3 from below subjects below:.

    Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Art & Design, Information Technology, Sociology, Psychology.

    #At HSC Bi-Focal and Plain Science — (5 subjects at Bifocal & 6 at Plain) with 2 graded:
    1. Languages: English.
    2. Math & Statistics.
    3. Physics.
    4. Chemistry.
    5. Biology or Geography or Economics.
    6. Computer Science / Information Technology.
    7. Environment Education ( graded).
    8. Health & Physical Education (Graded).
    #At HSC Commerce - 6 subjects & 2 graded subjects:
    1. Languages: English.
    2. Math & Statistics or Secretarial Practice.
    3. Information Technology.
    4. Economics.
    5. Book Keeping & Accountancy.
    6. Organization of Commerce & Management.
    7. Environmental Education ( graded).
    8. Health & Physical Education (Graded).
    #At NIOS : 11th and 12th
    1. English.
    2. Economics.
    3. Business studies.
    4. Home science.
    5. Vocational course- basic of computing.
    6. Drawing and painting.
What is the system of Assessments and Examinations followed?

Summative Assessments

  • Kindergarten : 3 terms - 50% Orals and 50% written.
  • Junior School ( Grtd 1 to 6) : 3 term - 40% Orals and 60 % writte.
  • Middle school ( Grd 7 & 8) : 3 term- Grd 7 / 2 Term-Grd 8  (20% Projects and 80% written.
  • Senior school – 2 terms & 1 unit test assessment- 20% project & 80% writte.
  • High School :- 100% written- 2 term and 1 unit test assessment .

Formative Assessments:

  • Concept based learning assessed after every concept by an activity/ project work or presentations.
  • ASSET Test by Educational Initiatives, for concept evaluation of Languages, Math & Sciences followed by Talent Search Examinations, Asset is optional.
  • Assessment for Learning: Activities, projects, visits, visitors, research work done for pre hand explanation of a concept.
  • Learning Programs: The school undertakes a learning program every year to enhance skills in STEAM activities ( Science, Technology, Eng., Art & Math.
What are the co-curricular activities at school?

The school provides activities for Sports, Performing Arts, Fine & Creative Arts, and Social Services:

  • # Sports: Outdoor & Indoor: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Chess, Skating, Gymnastics, Karate & Kick boxing and Table Tennis, Indoor Board games and traditional games.
  • # Performing Arts: Classical and Western Vocal, Western Dance, Kathak, Guitar, Tabla, Drums & Keyboard.
  • # Creative Arts: Pottery, Painting, Drawing & Sketching, Weaving and Stitchin.
  • # Library: Students are exposed to a very well equipped Library with varied help books. You can also send request for book through the school app.
  • # Exams Offered: For professionalizing the passion, we offer extra tutoring to students who wish to prepare for examinations at 1) Trinity College of London, 2) Gandharv Mahavidyalay 3) Elementary and Intermediate exams, etc. For excelling in various sports and to be a part of the school team students are offered extra coaching after school hours. .

Teachers & Counsellors at Wisdom High Group of Schools

How do you recruit Teachers at WHGS , train them and ensure retention ?

Teachers are the soul of our Schools.

Teachers provide the power of education simplifying the complex, and make abstract concepts accessible to students.

Not only do they guide students in academics or extracurricular activities, but also shape a child's future, making him/her a better human being. A teacher imparts knowledge, good values, tradition, modern-day challenges and ways to resolve them.

Recruiting good quality teachers with appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, a zeal to learn and teach and make the entire learning process meaningful for a child, is the basic criteria for any person to be a teacher at WHGS.

Ensuring Retention of good teachers is our unique feature as we see teachers as co-constructor of the curriculum and involve them to be trained and evolved. We do our best to provide teachers with a healthy growth environment to ensure long-term commitment with the organization. We invest a lot of time, energy and resources in training our teachers and care for their well-being. Hence, teachers are provided various facilities like subsidized fee for their children, support for loans for personal assets, etc.

What is the Teacher-Student Ratio and how many students are there in a class?
The students per class for Rameshwar Nagar Campus:
  • Playgroup : 30 with 3 teachers & 2 hel.
  • Nursery : 32 with 2 teachers & 1 hel.
  • Kindergarten : 36 with 2 teacher.
  • Junior school (1 to 4) : 40 with 2 teacher.
  • Middle & Senior School (5 to 10) : 40 Student.
Cambridge / ICSE/ Jr.College at Govardhan Campus.
  • Junior School (Grade 1 to 4) : 30 Students with 2 teacher.
  • Middle & Senior School (5 to 10) : 30 Student.
  • High School (Grade 11 & 12) : 30 Student.
  • NIOS : 10 Student.
What is the Role of Counsellors at School?

Counsellors as Psychologists at Recharge Centre

At Wisdom High International school we have Recharge Center. Here a team of psychologist & counselors are working together for students well-being. They are doing class observation, meeting students, parents & teachers. Also conducting therapies for students Team is conducting regular students and parents discussion forums.

Counsellors for Career Guidance after 12th Grade

Career Boosters is a one-stop-solution that makes college and career selection easy for students looking to pursue undergraduate (UG) courses in Colleges and Universities in India and Abroad. WE follow a “Glocal” approach to Career Awareness and Counselling – “Going local and Global !!!” This Career Counselling services caters to the needs of students to make a well informed career decision, and enable them to evaluate various career options and the most suitable university based on their strengths, areas of interest and their aptitude for the subjects in the selected career.

The program offers:-

  • Guidance and Counselling for study in India and Abroa.
  • Choosing the right subjects and streams (ISC, HSC, AS and A level) of study as per ability, capability, and passion for learning.
  • Preparation for Entrance exams for Under Graduate programs for Design Architecture/NATA/HM/CLAT/IPM/BBA/MH-CET Course/NEE.
  • Preparation for SAT / TOEFL / IELT.

Summer Placement & Summer Schools

The Wisdom High group of Schools ties up with many colleges and Universities and provides a platform to its student to register and be a part of Summer Schools in India and abroad. Tie ups are with many reputed institutions such as the Doon School, Flame University, Woodstock, Oxford University, Cambridge University to name a few. During the pandemic, the enthusiasm of students remained and they were a part of various online Summer programmes like Clever Harver and Metamorphosis.

The students of Grades 9-12 are a part of the Summer project programme wherein they visit Corporates, CA’s, Company secretaries, Doctors and complete projects for a period of 3-4 hours daily for durations ranging from 5-7 days to get hands on knowledge and experience from professionals.

Counselling for learning difficulties at The Connect Clinic

We guide students and parents of learning disability for board wise exam provisions. Guiding parents for remedial and study tips . We are conducting their interest and aptitude test and counsel them for their future. We give them confidence that disability can not stop their education . They have equal rights to complete their education.

Schooling norms to be followed at WHGS

What are the admission requirements or the Eligibility Criteria?

We welcome inquiries from parents in India, Non Residential Indians (NRI) and foreign national applicants.

A) The following is required to admit your child into any class:

  • Procure, complete and submit application form at the school office.  .
  • There will be interaction and /or readiness assessments for admissions for Jr.kg to Grade 9 & Grade 11.
  • Please note that admissions for Grade 1 to 9 and Grade 11 will be confirmed only after the readiness assessments are done. These readiness assessments are a tool for both the school and the parent to assess the readiness of the child for the grade applied and highlights particular areas of weaknesses that needs to be focused upon.
  • You will be informed if your child has been admitted within 7 days of completion of all requirements.
  • Admissions process is complete only after you pay the fees as required in the prescribed time.
  • After the admission is done, as parents you will need to attend an acquaintance program for Playgroup & Nursery, and Grade 1 , where teachers will  offer a presentation about the philosophy, processes and practices of the School.
What is the Age Eligibility Criteria?

The age criteria to various classes as on 31st December of the academic year is as below:

  • For Play Group : 2 year.
  • Nursery : 3 year.
  • Jr KG : 4year.
  • Sr KG : 5year.
  • Grade 1 : 6years and so o.

Admissions to real siblings

The school shall give first preference to admit real siblings provided they fit into the eligibility criteria.

What are the school timings?

The school timings are as follows:

Little Wonders International School (Playgroup to Sr.kg)

  • Playgroup

    1. Batch 1 :  9 : 00 am to 11 : 00 a.
    2. Batch 2 :  11:30 am to 1:30 p.
  • Kindergarten (Nursery to Sr. Kg) : 9:00 am to 1:00 p.

Wisdom High International School (Rameshwar Nagar Campus)

  • ICSE Grades 1 to 10 : 7:45 am to 2:30 p.
  • Two Saturdays for Grades ( 7 to 10 ) : 7:45 am to 12 noo.

Wisdom High International School (Govardhan Campus)

    • Cambridge CAIE & ICSE ( 1 to 10 ) : 8:00 am to 2:45 p.
    • Two Saturdays for Grades 7 to 10 : 8:00 am to 12.15 p.
    • Junior College: Cambridge/ISC/HS.
    • High School (Grades 11 & 12) : 8:00 am to 1:40 p.
    • Two Saturdays (Grade 12) : 8:00 am to 12:15 p.

Connect Academy

  • NIO.
  • Grades 5 to 12 : 8:00 am to 1:40 p.
  • Two Saturdays (Grades 7 to 12) : 8:00 am to 12:15 p.
What are the School terms & holidays?
What is the term of the academic year?
  • June to April for Playgroup to Grade 8 & 1.
  • Mid- March to Feb for Grd 9/10/1.
What are the school terms and holidays?
  • For Kindergarten & Junior School — 3 Terms are followed with 2 weeks winter holidays in Diwali, 10 days in Christmas and summer from mid-April to May end.
  • For Senior & High School — 2 Terms and 1 unit test is followed with 1 week holiday in Diwali, 8 days in Christmas and summer in May.

Administration related queries

What are the facilities available at school?
  1. School Lunch and Breakfast:

    A wholesome vegetarian diet is provided — a heavy snack in the morning such as idly, dosa, upma, bhelpuri, chappathi/ rolls etc. and lunch consisting of salad, vegetables, chapattis, dal, rice, dahi or buttermilk and fruits etc. Processed, junk or very oily foods are not provided. Breakfast is compulsory for all students and extra charges for the same needs to be paid with annual charges. For lunch, the child needs to register on an annual basis. Provision of lunch at an extra cost on per day basis is also available as a coupon system whenever you are not able to send lunch to school.

  2. School Bus:

    The school has extensive transport coverage. The routes get re-planned at the start of academic session to optimize travel time for the students. The Bus charges are not included in the Annual School Charges. They are decided at the beginning of every academic session and are payable in two instalments. The bus tracker with an app is available and you can easily track the bus to drop and pick your child.

  3. Yearly Medical check-up, Infirmary as a sick bay:

    The school has a full time trained Nurse - Infirmary lady attendant & a yearly medical check-up is done for expert medical care and advice. Besides, school also has tie up with a hospital nearby for emergencies.

  4. Books, Uniform at the school stores:

    All required is made available at the school stores (set up by the vendor) to enable easy purchases from one place.

What is the mode of communication?

You can communicate to the school via:

  • Email: To the Trustees or CEO/Principal /Headmasters & Headmistress.
  • Help Desk: Phone numbers for issues which may be urgent to be communicated for your child or some issues which were not being sorted at administratio.
  • Teachers: Through the school app or meeting on particular days assigne.
What are the Child Safety Measures adopted by the school?
  • Attendance message: As soon as your child reaches school, Students absent in the school are notified to the parents by the school app immediately.
  • SMS Alerts: Any extra class or extra working is notified to parents to help keep track of whereabouts of the child.
  • CCTV: Installed in classes and all areas to correct and check any mis-happenings.
  • Security Checks: Escort cards are provided to the parents to enter school campus and it is mandatory to carry it while picking up your child in Playgroup to Grade 4 from school or from the bus sto.
  • Soft Padded Play Areas: for the young kids at school on play equipment'.
  • Floor Wise Emergency Response Team: Floor boys on each floor to monitor the safety of students.
  • Bus travelling system: The tracking device in put in the bus to enable you to know the movement of the bus.
School Fees – What is included and what is not / How to pay fees ?
  1. What is included in the Annual Charges?

    The Annual School Charges include:

    • Academics including Remedial Help, Advance Learning classes, Worksheets, Project Work and Examinations.
    • Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. .
    • Laboratories with equipment for every child (Computer labs, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geograph.
    • Audio Visual Arenas .
    • Television with Lan and Internet facility in every Classroom for Visual learnin.
    • Learning material for every child for hands on learning experience.
    • Latest equipment's and material for Sports/ Musical Instruments/ Creative Art Material like pottery wheels , paints and paper, Kiln for baking, etc.
    • Visits to various places for learnin.
    • Visitors invited as Judges, People to incorporate learning, Awareness programs, Psychologists for Awareness program on Parenting, etc.
    • Sports Facility (Skating, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Gymnastics, Chess, Table Tennis, Jump Bunch Activities) Social Clubs.
    • Learning programs in the year – its material and process of design & technolog.
    • Activities conducted every week.
    • Graduation Ceremony for Sr Kg, Grd 6 and Grd 12 student.
    • Conduction of Competitive exams.
    • In-house competitions.
    • Infirmary facility of Nurse, equipments etc.
    • Recharge Centre with team of psychologist for counselling to students & parent.
    • Awards and Recognition for every event in house and outside school Festival Celebrations, Special days, Annual Exhibition, Annual Sports Meet.
    • Yearly Medical check-up detailed report sen.
    • ERP Online Portal to pay school fees .
    • School app for information & communication .
    • Bus tracking system .
  2. The Annual School Charges do not include:

    • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch.
    • School Uniform (2 pairs), socks, Sports Uniform (1 pair), Winter wear, Team games Unifor.
    • Text books, Notebooks, workbooks, drawing books throughout the yea.
    • Stationery (once at the beginning of the year) (Grade 1 onwards.
    • Competitive Examination enrolment.
    • Annual concer.
    • Tours & picnics outside the cit.
  3. Facilities to Parents for payment of fees:

    Every parent needs to pay the fee of the child on time and as per instalments stipulated. Late fee charges @ 20/- per day is charged in case not paid on time.
    There may be a 15-20% hike every year (or as laid down by the PTA)   in the annual charges on the fees paid by you for the existing year. You may ask for a monthly fee schedule if the need be.

  4. Ways of making the payments:

    • On the School Counter:

      You can personally come and pay fees at the school counter in cash/cheque/ Debit or Credit Card/ UPI as convenient to you.

    • Cheque Drop Box:

      A cheque drop box is kept at the school gate where you can drop your cheque mentioning name of the child, class and division on the backside of the cheque. You need to inform the Accounts office by email that you have done so. A receipt shall be generated and sent with your child attached to his school diary of emailed to you.

    • Gateway at the ERP system and School app:

      You could punch in your payments through credit card or net banking on the gateway provided on the School app. Charges for such payment needs to be borne by you.


      1. Any delay in payment shall result in a late fine of Rs. 20/- per day from the date of the due date.
      2. Any cheque deposited if bounced, you need to pay cheque bouncing charges of Rs. 500/- with late fee charge of Rs. 20/ per day from the due date.

Parents as partners (Roles & responsibilities of parents)

How are parents involved in the school affairs and work as partners of the school?
  • You may write to the school in which area you would like to volunteer and we would be more than happy to make you a part of the school team.
  • We consider parents as valued partners in the child's education. Parents are required to compulsorily attend orientations, Seminars, workshops, Parent Forums. The school conducts Parent teacher Meetings to update parents about the child's performances and to build on the social and emotional growth of the child.
  • Parents come to school to encourage their children for various events like Sports Day, Annual Concert, student performances and exhibitions related to their curriculum.
  • The parent however is free to seek an appointment from the teacher if there is any query, which needs to be dealt with immediately. The School Also has a Defined PTA ( Parent Teacher Association.
What happens if a child loses the earning parent? CEAF

Child Education Assurance Fund- (CEAF)

  •  The school has made provision for education of students who unfortunately loses a parent who was the earning member of the family.
  • In such cases the school supports the child to continue his/her education with the same school by giving 25% concession from the Trustees fund on the Annual charges and rest from the CEAF.
  • This is a fund created by the parents where they help with the amount paid by them.This assures you that your child shall have no lapses in his/ her education at school from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Parents are requested to contact the School Office for details of the same.

Seeing is believing.

We recommend you visit the school and see to believe our state of the art infrastructure, playgrounds etc. Come and experience the care we have taken to create an environment conducive for experimental learning.

Wisdom High Group Of Schools – A School for the ones who deserve... A little extra.