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Enrichment Facilies to WHGS Members

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Teachers Training

WHGS is committed to nurturing excellence in education. We provide regular training sessions for our teachers, ensuring they stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and pedagogical advancements.

Training Outside School

We believe learning extends beyond the classroom. Our members have access to a variety of off-site training opportunities, broadening their horizons and fostering holistic development.


For those traveling from afar, we offer comfortable accommodation options, ensuring a seamless learning experience for our members.


We understand the importance of convenience. Our dedicated transport services make commuting to and from WHGS hassle-free, ensuring students and staff arrive safely and on time.

Psychologist Sessions

Mental health matters. Our members have access to professional psychologist sessions, promoting emotional well-being and providing a supportive environment.

Staff Picnics

Work-life balance is key. We organize staff picnics for relaxation and team-building, rejuvenating our staff for continued dedication to our mission.


Collaboration is at our core. Our synergy sessions encourage interdisciplinary teamwork, fostering innovation and creativity among our members.

Child's Education Help

We understand the challenges of balancing work and parenting. Our support includes assistance with child's education, ensuring our members can focus on their roles with peace of mind.

Career Growth

At WHGS, we value your aspirations. We provide avenues for career growth and development, empowering our members to reach their full potential.