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One of the key focuses of school education is to prepare students for entrance exams that are highly competitive. They serve as the gateway to higher education programs and admissions, as well as to career-related advancements. Most of the entrance exams, including UPSC, NEET, JEE, AIEEE, PMT, CDS, etc., follow the CBSE syllabus. The questions come from the CBSE books, and so children following the CBSE board find it easy to cope with the exam pattern. They also ace the exam more easily than others.

More than 60% of students who get into the IITs come from the CBSE board.

This number is far lesser on the other boards. It is just 28% in the state board and 10% from ICSE schools. This remains one of the main reasons why parents prefer the CBSE board over other boards in India.

Updated academic structure

The CBSE syllabus is updated periodically to align with the latest technological enhancements. It places equal priority on academic and co-curricular activities. Given the pace of technological evolution and adoption, it becomes important that you educate your child accordingly. This helps them gain the skills needed to survive the changing world

Meaningful learning

The CBSE curriculum does not promote rote learning and memorization. Children get to enjoy experiential learning through real-time experiences and activities. As they do not memorize the concepts blindly, they get to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and stand ahead of their peers in the future. This promotes a holistic development of their skills and knowledge.

Recognition at the International and national level

CBSE board is recognized not just in all the states across India but also across the world. So, if you are someone whose profession involves frequent relocation, then the CBSE board is the best board for you. It supports hassle-free migration to other schools located in other parts of India or the world. Else, if you keep changing the boards frequently, the child may find it difficult to cope with the changes.

Meaningful exam pattern

CBSE exam pattern is very meaningful and evaluates children based on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is unlike most state boards that expect children to reproduce what they study without a critical evaluation of their skills and competencies. This type of learning and evaluation is detrimental to their career development and skill enhancement. So, parents who wish to instill creativity and innovative thinking in their children prefer CBSE schools.

Rational grading method

If you are looking for what are the advantages of the CBSE curriculum over other boards, read on. CBSE follows a rational approach to grading and evaluation. Children are evaluated based on their academic performance as well as their co-curricular skills. Because of this, children invest their time and energy into enhancing their overall skills and venture beyond academics. So, they become fully-rounded professionals with skills and competencies beyond classrooms and academics.