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What’s your Ikigai?

Ikigai, ikigai simply means finding your life’s purpose. Looking up to doing something

everyday and waking up with the excitement of doing what you love. It is the balance

required to live a high-yielding life.

It is about finding the 4 most important things in life: passion, mission, vocation and


The story if ikigai doesn’t tell you HOW to live your life but rather what you CAN do to

truly embrace it. This story is for every person who ever thought I don’t know what to

do with my life, this story makes your realise that you DO know what to do with your

life, you just need to find it.

This book doesn’t suggest any antiaging serums or multivitamins to keep you healthy

it more overly talks about your internal happiness and how it affects your physical


Ikigai may be a name you heard about it being a Japanese story about life…but have

you read it yet? Did you find your ikigai yet?

So it may not be a story that completely changed the whole world together yet...but

you never know how it might change your world.

By: Nishka Karnawat 10A IGCSE [CAMBRIDGE]

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