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Wealth is Health

We have been taught since we were young, “health is wealth”. Having a good mental and physical health is crucial. This is turn gives us happiness, and when one is happy, one is productive which leads to one being successful. So do we believe that health is wealth?

Being a teenager is this rapidly developing world, an advanced environment and a censorious society is rather difficult.

“Look at that boy’s expensive shoes!”

“Doesn’t he wear the same clothes every day?”

We have been brought up in a materialistic surrounding. Any child of my generation would choose money over happiness. The reasoning we give for this is ‘money=happiness’. I agree with this, to some extent.

It is part of the human nature to have desires. To let go of these desires would be impossible I’d say. With the new inventions, discoveries and technologies, humans keep craving more. This greed to keep adding on to our cravings is never-ending. As a fourteen years old girl, I would not assert that I know everything about how the world works but I would not be hesitant is stating that this world works on money.

Yet, after watching people struggle for wealth and the respect, worth and value which one gets due to wealth, I still believe, wealth is not health. At the end of this rat race for being wealthy, we all meet where we first started. At the end we realise that money can buy you a membership to expensive gyms but you have to work-out with effort, wealth will give you expensive treatments easily but it is also the cause for all those illnesses. Good health is in the fresh greenery around you and healthy meals that doesn’t cost much.

I would rather earn a penny less and be happier for a minute more.

Gauri Deshpande -


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