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Sometimes I wonder, "what is trust?". Since I was in kindergarten, my parents used to tell me that friendships build on trust, but as time passed and I grew, I realized everything builds on trust. It is a heavy word, you know. I ponder the question of why people ask "do you trust me?" because that is the thing they break and it shatters into pieces, without realizing what mess have they created. Trust is like a ball made of glass. It should be handed carefully to another person or in the process, it might fall. Once it falls, it will never be the same, keeping in mind that no matter what material it falls on, glass has the ability and sensitivity to break. I am sure you have heard Taylor Swift say "Band-aids don't fix bullet holes", and now I feel like a shooting target.


Avani Adsare

Wisdom High International School

(Rameshwar Nagar Campus)


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