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Treat Street!

The Treat Street is a carnival, a fiesta hosted by Wisdom High International School. It has been held with the aim of it being Nashik’s biggest festival and rightly so. Looking back on it, the treat street was utterly revitalising. The school had spared no effort in planning the entirety of it and was done meticulously. The reverberant music coming from the festival could be heard from at least a kilometer away. Upon entering, there were beautiful garlands of florets, twinkling lights and smiling faces welcoming you.

The first thing everyone did was the street chalk painting. There were several cans of chalk paintyou could paint on the street with. There were a multitude of smiley faces, quotes and names of the people who left their mark on that street. There were children that shrieked with laughter on the bouncy houses nearby. The idea of the enchanted forest was beautifully executed with radiant lights and elfin trees. People were clicking pictures in the enchanted forest surely to post them on their social medias.

The silent disco was definitely the crowd-puller for the night. Teenagers were gathering at the entry trying to get in first only being more enraptured by the people that came out invigorated. The strobe lights were flashing in the makeshift silent disco and people were bopping and swaying to music blasting in their headphones.

The illuminated stage also had a huge crowd of people listening and laughing to the jokes cracked by the host. Music was blaring through the speakers and people were dancing. Some were called on stage and made to follow the dance instructor and bop to the music. There was a range of items you could buy from the flea market. There was food, jewellery, stationery, clothing and much more. Yet the most loved one seemed to be the ‘Skippi Icepops’ stall. Colourful packets of flavoured ice were handed out to excited children by the vendor. Young girls were herding towards the jewellery stalls buying their friend some jewellery. On the other side of the field were the food stalls. There was food from many different cuisines. You could have a Chicago pizza or a shawarma or a cheesecake all at the same place. People were gobbling up food after a tiring dance. The food was made fresh and would stream oh-sodeliciously.

There was also a laser tag event that was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. The were playing with their pretend laser guns even outside the laser tag area while they waited in line. They were gibbering on and on about how they were going to defeat each other and would last the longest during the game.

Then there was the D.I.Y corner which was full of parents with their children doing fun activities like doughnut making, mug painting and t-shirt spray painting. There was also a net cricket pitch filled with boys trying to show off their cricket skills.

The neon spray painting show was something that induced jubilation in people. Spray paint cans were kept in the area and one could just paint on white paper laid out on the walls and the ground. Some painted the infamous ‘peace’ symbol and some just doodled.

The most distinctive quality of this event was that people from all age groups had come. There were teenagers, adults, elderly people and children. This event was without a question a sensation and a smash hit for the school.

- By

Prapti Kadam,

Grade X B(ICSE)

Wisdom High International School,

Rameshwar Nagar Campus (RNC)

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