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“Traditions’’ are a stereotypical part of the culture which is meant to be followed religiously by a person. The superstitious believe religion is somewhere blocking progress in teenagers. A teenager is open-minded and free to new topics whereas traditions enter a teenagers’ life to fill it with complications.

Traditions are filled with rituals and unstoppable beliefs, in our society teenagers are frequently oppressed and questioned- ‘it’s our tradition why don’t you follow it?’’ I would answer it with a ‘yes, it’s okay to follow rituals but to some extent’, believing in traditions blindly seems like an utter joke. Traditions should act as a guiding force which would lead one to progress. But in our country, traditions just demotivate the next generation and if our country has to lead up the path of progress, teenagers need to be given the liberty to express their feelings and intentions which would lead to the bright ideas of the future. For the world, traditions are a way in which people can be disciplined but for teenagers, it just seems like the closing gate for an innovative idea of the future.


Aarya Avhad


Wisdom High Group of Schools

Rameshwar Nagar Campus (RNC)

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