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Tiny cartridge of wonderful inventions

Our life is often governed and affected by our experiences and emotions. We often fail to see the joy and enthusiasm that life offers us. Well, then what can be the reason for this misery? There are many reasons, however, the most common reason is that we are often so engulfed by the busy life and we frequently get time to spend with ourselves. There are many aspects that decide our feelings, small or big.

One such aspect is the invention that science provides us with. From the morning clock to the lamp when we sleep, all these inventions are worthy, although we fail to see their little contribution for us. There are many countless inventions that have a great contribution to our day-to-day activities. Computers lend a hand to us by helping us with calculations, storing information, searching websites, etc. Not only computers, we have been so dependent on inventions but we never appreciate their importance.

In today’s age of rapid development, a country like India has been constantly developing for many future-driven inventions. Transportation has been the ideal motto for the development. Cars are the leading transportation modes that have helped people immensely. They even increase mobility along with reducing the time for long-distance travel.

Another vital invention that revolutionized the world was the mobile. Most parents feel that mobile in hands of children is like a recipe for disaster. In this case, disaster means negative impacts and addiction. In fact, this is true, however, even parents are over-relied on mobile that they never notice it. But again, parents are true for mobile can be used for good but not all children take benefit from it. Coming back to the topic, mobiles provide information at the tip of our fingers. They allow us to communicate, shop without virtually being there and even order things, etc.

Therefore, I conclude that inventions do not only provide joy and happiness but also play a vital role in our daily activities.

By- Arnav Pawar Grade 6

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