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The Ultimate Guide To Better Marks And Greater Scores

When you study- study to become the better version of yourself, not to please your parents. There is this usual routine we follow each term- study 2 days prior to the exam, give the exam, and forget what we learned. Some of us do not even look back to where we started. In this situation, it would be unfair for a student to blame their poor result on the teacher. This type of learning is what we call ‘cramming in your head’ and it does not help you aim for your future.

It is important to set your priorities straight. It is essential to know that what you do today may define what you will do in your future. Studying to pass an exam should not be your attitude- studying to know a concept should be. This is important when your objective is to get a better grade in a particular exam. Before we make it any more boring- let us take a glimpse and guide to get great scores in tests/examinations/quizzes.

Be ready with all your resources

To start studying efficiently, it is important to be all set with your study material including internet-based resources and refreshment drinks. Study material includes textbooks, workbooks, notes, and worksheets. You can download PowerPoint presentations and flashcards from the internet according to the topic. It is essential to have water/energy drinks by your side that you can consume in time intervals. Doing this activates your energy and focuses your brain on more pressing topics.

Set a goal of completing a topic on an hourly basis

When you study, it is crucial to set time intervals along with the topic you intend to complete in that period. By doing this, you can give time to the more complex concept while ensuring all aspects of the subject are covered. Thus, this enhances your efficiency to achieve the completion of your subject.

Avoid social media and mobile-only when you study

You might be following the process where you completely exclude yourself from social media for the time period of your examination often resulting in you daydreaming about using your Instagram account again or secretly sneaking around your parents to get your mobile. Social media should only be avoided when you study. If you have a study period of 1 hour, turn off your internet access, and during the 5-minute break reward yourself with social media access. It will encourage you to complete your aimed topics frequently. Take 30 minutes of relaxation.

It is important to take time out for yourself where you can relax by listening to music, writing in your diary, painting, dancing, and much more. Study proves that taking time out for yourself motivates your brain cells to concentrate when you get back to studying. Relaxing loosens your body and you are in a much better condition to start studying again. Devoting 30 minutes to relaxation where you do what you desire the most actually makes you look at minute details and stay alert.

Revise by solving a test or paper

Revision is an important factor that leads you to better scores. Revision is much more efficient when you solve a past paper/ test/ quiz or a worksheet as it prepares you for the question type you may face in examinations. When you solve past papers, you are evident to find some crucial points about your topic that may not have been mentioned in the textbook. Solving tests also help you realize the topic you are not thorough with and may need to revise. So, it concludes that revision with these methods is 100 times more logical.

We can describe studying as an art that requires hard work, resilience, practice, and patience. You cannot learn to study efficiently in a day or so, but you can try to make it a habit with repetitive trials. You can put a habit of this by remembering to be ready with your study material, setting time periods and goals, avoiding social media, relax and revising. Do this with dedication and you may one day be the one influencing the younger generation.

Yana Bamb


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