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The Reality of Gender Inequality & changing it Using Feminism

In 432 BC, the Pantheon was created in Greece, as a shrine to Athena.

Goddess of wisdom and war.

A woman.

Centuries ago, women were worshipped as divine beings, from Isis, to Parvati; and were given the role of ruling countries, from Queen Cleopatra, to Empress Matilda. With the existence of uncountable, powerful women throughout history, how has the evolving human race managed to suppress a section of society based on their gender? Do we automatically expect women to manage the home and care for the kids because of their ability to carry children, and as a result, do they not receive the same professional opportunities as men? Why can't they be capable of doing both?

Moreover, this discrimination works in all ways - women who choose to be housewives and housekeepers have severely unappreciated roles in society, because the belief remains that they do not contribute financially to the family. And women who chose to be in professional roles, are labelled as “too ambitious” or “too career-oriented”. For every young woman, any path she chooses is deemed to be ridden with criticism and judgement.

Junko Tabei – first woman to climb Mt. Everest. Eileen Collins – first female space shuttle

commander. It is such a monumental instance for a woman to be offered the opportunity that their achievements have to be highlighted by their gender. Nobody labels Neil Armstrong as the first male

on the moon, he is given the credit of being the first person on the moon, without there being any emphasis on his gender. Why can we not applaud a woman for her achievement, not because she is the first woman to do so, but simply because she is capable and deserving?

In recent times, there has been so much stigma around the word “feminist”. In a survey conducted by YouGov, participants were asked two questions – are you a feminist? And do you think men and women should be equal? The results showed an increased number of people who agree with the later question, than the first. So most people, who do believe in gender equality, still do not identify as feminists.

Why does that happen, when the word feminism quite literally stands for equal rights and

opportunities for men and women? Because being called a feminist, exposes one to a whole new level of criticism, where everything they do will be scrutinized as being either "too feminist" or "not feminist enough" And the majority of women and men, were concerned that they would come across as too controversial and opinionated.

Feminism is about freedom. Freedom for both men and women. Freedom to express your opinions, freedom to be yourself, freedom to have a chance. A chance that so many young girls and women don’t have. And freedom is what everyone deserves, and that freedom is what we are fighting for.

Feminism inspires a whole new generation of women and young girls to stand up for their own rights, for having the same opportunities, and gives them the confidence that they do have a voice, and that voice, no matter how loud or unconventional, deserves to be heard. So become a feminist,speak out against discrimination, see the world through a different lens, change your mindset and take action to bring about change.


Reyani Panchal

12A (Cambridge)

Wisdom High Group of Schools

Govardhan Campus(GOC)

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