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The one thing I wish to change in me!

“Perfection lies in imperfection” as they say it, is very true. No individual in this world is perfect. We all have some or the other thing wrong with us. This list of wrong things can be meters and meters long for some but for just a few, it can be listed down on a small piece of paper. My life, as I believe, is a rollercoaster! Diverse feelings, various people, work, study, other classes, and a lot more which I myself do not remember. I always think about how good I am but by a hair's breadth focus on my weaker sides and my small things that can cost me a lot in future! One of those very hazardous and harmful thing of mine is hitting the roof on the smallest of the smallest thing. Every time I got fuming; I sacrificed the next 50 beautiful days of my life regretting about what I said. Many times, I tried overcoming it but, alas! till now I have not been able to do it. I searched for solutions online, in various books, in motivational speeches but all of that was a massive waste of time. My parents used to tell me, they used to convince me a lot that getting angry is not always the only option; I can choose to be silent. But I was too thoughtless to ever understand what they said. Soon I started feeling bad about myself. My whole surrounding felt like a hullabaloo. The voices in my head started hating me and I liked it not even a bit. I decided to control my anger! I knew that I must manage my anger because people cannot manage their folly. I started realizing that anger can never solve anything. It just destroys everything. I realized that it was never the people who made me angry, it was always me who chose anger as a response. I tried to be calm and silent and cool in the worst of the times. Doing that was amazing. But I have not yet overcome my anger completely. I still crack up at people and that too a lot of times. My trying to change myself has been, so far, a great journey. I know that to change the way of the world around me I first must change the way I am but not completely. I just wish to be myself and am very happy with who I am. So must be everyone. We all are unique and beautiful accepting and working on our faults we should love ourselves just the way we are!


Akshara Londhe -