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You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great...Our Trustee Mrs.Ritu Agrawal started her journey with a strength of four teachers and a handful of students in the year 2000 and presently Wisdom High International School is leading to be the best school in Nashik with 3 branches but it isn't just a school it is much more than that…

Education isn't just about gaining knowledge but also about experience and just like that Wisdom High International isn't just a school it’s a community a family. A family that has all kinds of ups and downs but is way too strong to break. It doesn't need any teamwork exercise, it is bonded tightly with love that will always keep it together. This phenomenal family created a school for children who deserve a little more attention and a little extra known as connect so they can move with the connections too…

Every month we have an activity held to provide the best platform and exposure and built up a confident stage that everyone deserves. Every day is remarkably filled with rejoicing even when we can’t meet we are still connected in every way possible, but it isn't just Wisdom in the name, thus the way we are taught is a perplexing way and with the best way of experiencing everything, recreating every way a child could learn, making new paths…

Every year we have field trips, college fairs, film fests and we celebrate all the little things we can including founders day, Christmas, and much more like a true family celebrating all the little things and finding happiness in as many things as we eagerly wait for you to join us...


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