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The Chef in Me

The Covid-19 lockdown period was boring since we couldn’t meet our friends, go to school and especially could not go to the restaurants and eat yummy food, isn’t it?

Although Covid-19 was boring for most of us, but for me it was amazing exploring the chef in me. During this time my sister & I dearly missed the yummy food from restaurants like Rumali Khakhra, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Chilli and Dal Makhani. Now, the questions was, how do we satisfy our taste buds? We both tried to convince our mother to prepare the junk food, but she was reluctant to add anything addititional to her daily chores as she did not have helpers to assist her in the kitchen. Now, all we were left with was the only one option and that was, to assist our mother in her kitchen chores or settle with the daily Dal Chawal routine (too boring for Gen-Z). And we both with our mouth watering urge to eat the yummy spicy food, decided to opt for the former one. And here started my journey of becoming a chef and discover my innate quality of cooking and baking.

Since my sister was in 10th standard then, she was always occupied with her studies & lectures. So, naturally, the entire ownership of assisting our mother fell on my shoulders. I was helping her in cutting vegetables, rolling chapattis (while creating a mess out of the flour,most of the times), measuring the ingredients of any recipe, serving food to and from the kitchen. Slowly I was finding all this interesting indeed! Then came up my mom’s birthday, I knew I had to make my kitchen guru happy & proud. Since, all of my family members are very health conscious, I decided to make a Wheat Jaggery Cake (cool,isn’t it?). Also, it was very easy for me because I had tried my hands on the same receipe for about 2 times by the time it was my mother’s birthday. The cake turned out yummy in taste as well as in its looks. Soon I was exploring YouTube channels of wonderful chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor , Hebbar’s kitchen, Papa mummy Rasoi, to try my hands on new exciting recipes like Dora Cakes, Chocochip Cookies, Brownie cake, Doughnut, Mocktails like Blue lagoon, Masala lemon soda. I also tried my hands on our royal Indian Cusine like lady fingers Sabji, Chapati , Dal and frying Bhatooras with tangy Chole. It was a whole lot fun with learning.


Arya Nawal

Wisdom High International School

Serene Meadows (ICSE) 5B

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