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THE 5a.m. CLUB

“How could a once glorious life be ended swiftly and precisely with minimum

mess and maximum impact?A question which has an answer anonymous yet

prestigious.Its the the answer that we find important than the process but it

isn’t the same for Mr.Robin Sharma.According to him,its the time that holds

significance.possesing powers like self discipline is a charming quality in itself

but implementing it everyday and moulding your brain towardsit is tough.a

perfect epitome of life is getting into the ‘5a.m. club’.

The 5a.m. club is not a group of people coming together ad getting up at 5 in

the morning,but it is a group of people with self discipline, maturity and

thoughtfulness and also last but not the least, people who are devotees of

time.We casually say that time never stops for us.I agree to this fact but there

is a set of humans on our planet that take time manipulation to another

level.Now we must give a thought to time is like the navratna of


Getting up early and challenging time to beat our laziness is the motive of the 5

a.m. club.we often encounter the term ‘procrastinator’but not everyone is a

procrastinator its the leniency of our mind that allows us to procrastinate. Self

discipline is the architect of success and a good start leads to a progressive


Just imagine having all your work done on time and relaxing your leisure time.

The 5a.m. club frees us from the fear of failure and gives us the luxury of

mindfulness, peace and serenity.


Aarya Avhad


Wisdom High Group of Schools

Serene Meadows Campus (SMC), Nashik

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