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Social Media - A boon or Bane

As we all know that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, and Whatsapp are gaining importance these days as they are

connecting people worldwide with just a click of a button.

If we look at the positive impact of social media, there are various

advantages. One of the major advantages of social media is that it is

full of information and helps in providing education. For example,

children approach social media to get information on the desired topic.

It is a great device for education. It has made live education possible.

We can attend a lecture happening in some other part of the world by

just sitting in front of a screen in our country.

Isn’t it great?

Social media is also very convenient to stay updated about what is

happening around us. We don’t need to wait for a newspaper to give

us information. There are various news-related applications that can

instantly update us about any serious happening around us.

Social media has also created opportunities for people such as to

show their talent. It is also great for advertisements. But despite being

so many benefits, it has been criticized. It has disadvantages too.

It is also considered as one of the harmful elements of society. The

oversharing on social media can be dangerous. It can attack our

privacy. Also, overusing leads to spending too much time on social

media which can deviate children from their studies. Sometimes fake

news is also spread with its help disturbing the people.

In short, social media has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up

to us how we use it.


Prerita Paranjpe


Wisdom High Group of Schools

Serene Meadows Campus(SMC)

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