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Small steps for becoming the best version of you

Everyone has a role in the classroom and kids are the first ones to notice. There’s that one student who is popular; the one who is smart; one who is crafty; one who is quiet and then there’s the one who seem to be as confident as a poppy and as bright as the stars. Well, do you want to be that one student, then you came to the right place. Where you will know the little secrets in life, that give you a positive attitude and make you more self-reliable andindependent.

We all have struggle at some points in our life. And it’s alright because you’re not alone… There are many kids in the world who might be struggling with the same problems as you, but it matters how you overcome them. Slowly… but yes, you will overcome them.

The first step is being yourself. ‘Love yourself and open-up more’. If you don’t have friends,make new friends, and try to improve your social life. That is by making new friends. The easiest route is by being yourself. Open-up that fun side in you, where you are most likable. Now, Iknow, it might seem impossible at first, but it’s actually very easy. Having a laugh once or twice a day doesn’t hurt anybody but its more fun when you do it with people. Get ongoing more.Join social clubs to make friends. Fill up a suitcase of memories with friends. Just a walk in thepark, can go a long way, well, invite someone.

Not everybody knows it all, but it’s good to ‘know the matters going around you’. Get up and go get a newspaper. Read lots of stuff so you are knowledgeable. Keep a tap on what’s going on.Its easy, its like you should know the answer when somebody asks hey, did you know the latestnews? And who knows maybe the matter that you are reading about might just interest you.You will know yourself better. And don’t just read the news like it’s a task enjoy yourself with it.Not just international, national news but also news in your social club like maybe your school.Know everybody good and bad habits, but instead of torturing them with it help them get through it. Everybody needs a friend. In their eyes you might just become a hero to them but always do good things with a good heart.

‘Exercise and eat healthy’. Don’t be lazy, staying fit makes you attractive in other’s eyes. It’s good for your health if you eat leafy vegetables. It helps your digestion system and makes your brain cells more attentive so you can pay attention. Yes, at the start you might not like the green salads and fruits but see the bright side in life. Those same boring salads and fruits are going to help you. With that in mind, also exercise. Exercises come in different ways. Join an outdoor sport activity it will automatically help you maintain your figure. It is beneficial for you to try different activities and yes you might stir up interest, they might be your long-lost passion and it can turn into healthy competition. Not just in sports but in arts, music, dance, or coding.

With lots of exercise there also comes a need of ‘maintaining your hygiene’. Showering

everyday helps you clean yourself. Condition your hair and wear deodorant. People like other people with good hygiene. Regularly hydrate yourself with water or a refreshing smoothie. It’s good to treat yourself occasionally. Dress nicely, do your hair, have a skin-care routine of course do it in your budget, with limitations.‘Fight your fears’. To be the better version of you, you must overcome those small things in life that might irritate you. Slowly but surely! Lastly, ‘be encouraging’. Cheer your friends up. Give them a boost of happiness. You will also have to be self-sacrificing. Instead of having more of me time give some of it to your friends.Hang out with them more. For that learn how to sacrifice your time for them. Maybe your friend really needs your help being there- it will calm them down. And don’t forget to remember to be calm yourself. Don’t frantically panic in bad situations. Be stable and the solution will just come straight to you.

With that being said, these were a few tips to be bubblier and more confident. I am sure these tips will help you achieve the best version of you, where you are in a positive and calming state of mind mentally and physically.


Devika Vidhate

Wisdom High International School

Govardhan Campus(GOC)

7B Cambridge

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