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Role of extra-curricular activities in School education

Isn’t it lovely to reflect on the times when, you were ready to rush to the sports

ground even at the slightest tinkling of the school bell? It had a different delight

of going to the music room and twirling merrily to the beats that all our hearts

still love and cherish. The group activities that we enjoy, Sports, performing

arts, Annual concerts do a great deal in our lives along with academic

education. The concept of versatile education aims for ultimate skill

development. The main purpose of these extra-curricular is to enhance

children’s social skills, communication skills, economic skills, and physical

fitness. extra-curricular activities are to highlight the significance of

participation in life. When we participate, there is a better chance of succeeding

than not participating at all. Group activities instill in us the sense of an

articulate communication and relationship management. Extra-curricular

activities open doors to various field to excel in. we can think of having a

profession in any field. It strengthens our will power and prepares us to go eye

in eye with any fiasco that comes our way in the future. These activities help us

in ‘out of the box thinking’ which give you a leg up in the future. To us, these

activities are a mere matter of few minutes but this is what is planned in the

backdrop. So, the next time you think of drawing back from any activity think

of what you are putting at stake!


Akshara Londhe


Wisdom High Group of Schools

Serene Meadows Campus(SMC)

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