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New Horizons

Walt Disney once failed! After stumbling upon a cartoon failure, something sparked in Walt Disney’s head which made him try out something new by turning to television and by good fortune had his gamble paid off. New horizon is the limit of what one wants to do and is preferable to do. A new horizon is what leads to our ideas and opinions. If one makes a poor decision does it conclude to be his last one?

Getting out of your comfort zone and finding a new horizon makes us try new things in our life and not stick to one. A ‘New Horizon’ or a new start helps us analyse what we are good at and grasp what we are bad at and work it out accordingly.

Let me be completely honest, these previous years ‘The Pandemic Era’ was a long vacation for us indeed. Chilling in our homes as we were locked up, I personally neglected working hard and trying something new completely, even my studying habits were affected due to the same, and along with that keeping company with friends was a task indeed, my social interaction level was completely down! Everything was just so complicated to figure out. Getting out of that phase is what I could only dream of. At that moment I knew it was time for me to get back on track.

Gradually taking small steps I could see myself improving. Trying out new ways to find a solution to our problems makes a huge impact. And in the blink of an eye I was far ahead from where I started. Was it a tough task? For sure! Trying new things makes you find a new way which is worth every penny of your effort! So sail away…


Drishtty Chumble

9-B (ICSE)

Wisdom High Group of Schools

Rameshwar Nagar(RNC)

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