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My Favorite Corner In The House.

Sipping from a mug of warm coffee while sitting on the window ledge, the cool morning breeze softly brushes against my cheeks. Seeing the fresh green leaves sway gently and hearing the blissful chirps of the birds make me feel just as happy as I ever could be. This is how I begin my day! Isn’t it amazing?

And yes! The window ledge is my favorite corner in the house. Visiting that place is the first thing in the morning I do. It is the best way to commence my day. Not only in the morning but throughout the day I sit there and do a lot of stuff- I drink my morning coffee, I write my diary, sometimes water the plants, and admire nature but most importantly while sitting at the window I talk to the Universe!

A fun fact about me: the source of my positive thinking is the vibes Universe gives me whenever I share something with it; Super Good vibes! There is a feeling deep inside my heart that my favorite place loves me just as I love it.

While lounging there, my mind is always joyful. At times when my mood is stressed or frustrated, I leave all the work, make a cup of coffee or chocolate milk for myself, and settle down on the window seat for a while and, there…relaxation and calmness come down from the sky, goes within me and right into my nerves giving me a whole new package of intensified energy!

The previous line was a bit dramatic with all those words and exclamations, but truly there’s no other way to explain what that place does to me and how it brings me a massive amount of joy. I sometimes wonder, would anything else make me happier? And then a huge “NO” pops up in my imaginations.

Guess, my brain is also too comfortable with my happy spot. Another thing that place does to me is, it takes me on a tour of my soulful memories!

Once, during the winter break, we had planned a family picnic at this wonderful Animal Park near Mumbai. The park was full of trees, trees with colorful flowers and bright green leaves, and seeing the various kinds of animals there was a fantasy. So, when I sit on the window seat, the cool morning breeze reminds me of the frosty wind that blew in the park, the swaying trees make me remember the vibrant flower trees of the park.

The people on the street remind me of my family and all the fun I had with them and the chirping birds give me a visual treat in the form of all the numerous animals of the park in my memory. When it is raining, I lounge on the seat and enjoy the refreshing drizzles, Ahh! Another profound memory…as the water droplets fall on my face, I recall my first ever visit to a water park!

Perching on the ledge as I see little children doing weird things strolling down the pathways, I take myself into nostalgia, the nostalgia of my childhood. Then I remember all the quirky things I did back then. The toddlers’ funny actions make me reminisce the comical and chucklesome actions I did as a kid!

I compare the window sill to a cassette, a cassette in which all my heartfelt reminiscence is stored and preserved. Every time I visit this place in the house, all my memories line up in my mind and start playing sequentially as if it is a movie of my life. That feeling is truly mesmerizing!

I guess now you all know why is my favorite place in the house my favorite, right? The reason is- it gives me the most glorious feelings and the most enchanting vibes always! For me it’s not just a window sill or not just a corner in the house, it is my pursuit of happiness!

I strongly believe that there is an emotional connection between that place and me. If we ever had to change the house, not just my favorite corner will be lost but my relaxation spot, my positive energy supplier, my good vibes container, and my non-living best friend would be lost as well.

Yet, I will forever cherish the memory of that place as all my other memories are linked to it. And surely the window ledge would miss me too…

Concluding my blog, I would say- Time will pass and the cycle of day and night will continue but my favorite corner in the house will always be my FAVOURITE!

Qanitah Khan

11th A- HSC

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