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The existence of an individual has a different perspective in itself which comes up with various meanings, experiences, and stories. However, in this ruthless and competitive era, humans have turned away from the true-life goal hence finding it difficult to understand the meaning and purpose of their life.

"Life isn't fair so instead of asking why it isn't, make the most of what you've been blessed with" - Alden Tan

In this journey of evolution, we experience several rough situations where deciding on what's essential for ourselves becomes imperative. At this stage of my life, I realized that it was time to indulge in self-development and self-reflection. It was after quarantine began and I decided to engage in novel experiences and understand the real world. This leads me, into believing that life isn't just about dreaming about your goals for the future or living in past, it's about how you work to achieve them despite the fact of having to face challenges and further improving them.

Some of the crucial lessons I learned through this journey primarily was to concentrate on my goals, working and focusing on them rather than on the result. To attain a certain position in my life it is necessary to prepare for it rather than just dreaming about rewards after getting that position. When you dream only for the reward it becomes difficult for you to accept failure and further can lead to depression. Moreover, a fear of failure forces you to doubt your ability to do things. It stays in your mind drifting you away from your goals. Hence it is about performing your duty well which would further assist you to obtain the rewards.

Further, I would like to throw some light on the fact that human life is full of conflicts. In this situation knowing self-discovery helps to turn them in your favor. As an individual, you must find your winning point, acknowledge personal growth and prepare to face challenges as they come. Everything I've learned so far has thought me that as a part of our journey accepting the challenge would benefit us more than backing off. As a wise man once said, "The toughest battle you'll ever fight in our life is the battle against yourself".

Whatever happens in our life either in past or will happen in the future or is happening now, happens for a good cause and tells us to continue and not worry about success in the future or failure gained in past but to live and concentrate on our present life. The Lord shall reward us for doing good things however punish us for all those bad deeds, giving us a chance to improve and follow the right path. Many people, after experiencing failure have a feeling of annoyance and greed. This often has detrimental effects because it develops selfishness and competitiveness and drains out all the happiness of your life. To cope up with failure, you should learn to embrace your emotions and accept your responsibilities. Always remember that someone else's success won't take away yours.

Another vital lesson that I learned in this journey was to stay optimistic. An optimistic person can walk past any situation and turn it into an achievable one. Having faith in yourself would take you closer to victory however, being overconfident could ruin your chances of succeeding. Even though you fail to achieve your goal you must not give up and learn from the mistakes made.

Lastly, as you face challenges through your life you shall start understanding that everything is equal even the ups and downs in our life would seem to have the same meaning and would make you realize that it's just the body that changes over time with the soul remaining the same. As time passes, it's not the wealth you have earned but all the lessons learned and applied in our life.

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