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Is Free India Really Free after 75 years of Independence?

Freedom: Do we often take it for granted? Do we continually undermine our

role as citizens of free India? Our democracy enables us to take charge in a

passive manner. We partner the development of this monumental progress.

Are we oblivious to that?

‘Democracy’, what does this truly mean, if not citizens free to decide the fate

of their nation? We cry, in misery: those unnecessary tears- a result of our

incomprehension of the country’s system. India certainly is not utopia.

However, it is not dystopia either. It is a perfect balance of systematic

functioning of the land. Neither mundane, nor too novel, but perfectly normal.

For instance, have we ever pondered upon the lives of the Chinese? Their utter

existence, conveniently handed over to the dictators of China and their

freedom snatched away from them! Should we not remain forever indebted to

the chivalrous personalities- our freedom fighters, who without a second

thought, shed gallons of blood to ensure the prevalence of smiles and laughter

on the face of their beloved country- India?

Shedding light on the current train of events and mainly the propagation of the

Hindu agenda all through our nation. Are those who criticise the current

political body of India truly wrong? Some stand along in support of this motion,

and others in its path. However, when intently thought about, are we not the

same as these so-called biased and corrupt politicians? Are we not the same

individuals that elected them as our representatives? If they are in fact our

representatives, why do we choose to regard them as a separate body, and

ultimately play the blame-game, resulting in no actual fruitful outcome? Let us

take charge to kindle a change for a ‘prosperous Bharat’.

In a temporary conclusion, we are the democracy, and the democracy is us.

Ignorance towards to this fact does nothing, but further damage our Mother

Land. Let us, as the youth and future of India, pledge riddance to all our

desperate cries of help that go unheard, for ‘tis only we who can save us.

Ms. Nilanjana Deshmukh 10B IGCSE

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