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Leadership. Yes, you heard it right. What comes first in your mind when you hear

this word? Yes, of course, an action of leading, the one who is in incharge,

management of a group or society or organization is leading or leadership. Everyone

must have been a leader once, twice or always in your life. It doesn’t matter if it was

a small group or a big organization. What matters here is you have been getting a

chance to be a leader. I personally think that people can lead groups or society in

their own different ways.

I love to be a leader. It’s just like being a boss of a group of people. No! Bossing

people does not mean you are a leader. The meaning of leadership is setting and

achieving goals, tackling the competition and solving problems decisively and

quickly. If anyone says, on your face, that you aren’t a good leader, you ought not to

give up. You are going to improve your qualities.

I have thrice in my life been a leader. Once of 5, second of 7 and the last time of 15

pupils in a group. I am still trying to improve leadership qualities. The first time when

I was a leader in my learning program, my qualities were perfect for grade one. I was

pleasant, polite, punctual as well as strict. We succeeded with our cooperation. I

thought that I was perfect but I was wrong.

The second time I got selected for being a leader I had an awful experience. It was

like from where I got selected. I couldn’t tackle the problems. I was sad. The

qualities of leadership seemed childish to me. I accidently overheard one of the

members from my group telling another member that he is unlucky to be in this

group. But still I didn’t give up.

The third time I became a successful leader. It was very great. I had successfully

improved myself. I understood the meaning of leadership. I thought that I was

perfect again. I could solve problems, I could overcome the mistakes. If I did, I

would be able to tackle the competition. The first time I understood what

leadership is. I did it.

Never give up working on your unique qualities. Not even if you are upset with

yourself. You are never perfect but try your best.

By - Ojas Mohan Wani 5D

ICSE- Rameshwar Nagar.

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