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What have we seen all these generations?

All we have witnessed is men projecting their perspectives in this world and women being held lower and inferior in society. Men have always been superior to women, and there has always been an unfair inequality between them both.

I have always grown up in a world where I have seen people differentiate between men and women, only because women were not masculine enough to face all the problems going around the world. From the start of human existence women were told to remain in the kitchens and work for their husbands. They were not allowed to go out of their houses, socialize, dress how they wanted to and listen to their conscience. Well, slowly the situation got changed and women started protesting against the brutal things they were suffering from. Now, if we see, in all professions women have become more victorious. However, I feel that we go on blaming men for this situation but they should also be admired. Men should also not feel ashamed to cook, clean, stitch and do all the work women have always done willingly.

I just want all of us to break the stereotype of gender inequality and live contentedly with each other in PEACE. I would like to end my blog by saying there shouldn’t be FEMINISM or MACHOISM in this world only EQUALITY should exist. I hope his and her story ends merrily with equality.


Swaraa Dalvi

9B- (ICSE)Rameshwar Nagar Campus


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