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We have all heard about many people facing diseases like diabetes, heart attack, cancer, obesity, and the list goes on. Scientists believe that consuming junk food frequently, switching to digitalized facilities, and becoming more and lazier to walk to the supermarket nearby is the power reason behind this mess.

What does a healthy person do?

If a person is healthy, he will be fit enough to carry out his chores/job/activity briskly without needing to sit down every once in a while and will have an appetizing and wholesome diet not comprising junk food. A physically steady human eats food with the correct proportion of vitamins minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in various forms. Junk food like burgers, pizza, waffles, and fries must not be eaten often.

What do I do if a want to stay fit?

Exercising and spending time in nature also counts if you want to be fit! Exercise in any form-walking, running, playing a sport helps your body to circulate blood around so you have enough energy to work. It also stimulates breathing and so it keeps your heart healthy. Likewise, when you spend time in nature, you gain fresh air and find peace which assists your brain to keep you ready for the next day.

Why should you stay healthy?

Staying healthy is not an option if you want to live long enough to settle on Mars. Good health had an excellent immune system to fight back to diseases and be fresh enough to finish your daily goals. If you are fit the chances of a contactable disease spreading in your body is close to zero. So, health prevents us from suffering and lets us live longer.

Does mental health count too?

Mental health is not any less important than being physically fit and maybe the reason for many illnesses today. Our whole body is connected and interwoven in a way that our feelings and emotions are connected to. The brain is an important organ in our body. When the brain is ill, it is not isolated in just the brain, but instead affects the whole body and the overall wellness.

How to prevent mental health illness?

It is easy to reduce mental health illness using many different methods. One must stay positive and upbeat in all circumstances and avoid stressing out. Sometimes it is okay to say no to something that exhausts you. In addition to this, you must try to make changes in your life and try new things that may help you to do what you think is boring. It is also important to take time out for your recreation and spend some time in silence. Mental illness should not be something to be ashamed about. When we will treat mental illness equally to other illnesses, we will be able to stay fit and healthy.

Does sleep matter to stay fit?

A regular nightly sleep routine can allow many diseases to be worked upon and killed. The better you sleep, the better your mind and body function. Sleep allows muscle tissue time to recover from the workload. Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time daily. To have a better sleep try to Turn off electronics at least one hour before your bedtime because they emit blue light that interferes with melatonin- the hormone helping you sleep.

Staying healthy is not a choice you do it not only for you but for people around you that you indirectly or directly support. If you want to enjoy every aspect of life, go on an adventure, sleep under the stars, live a beautiful life, and remember every moment of it then you must stay healthy. Avoid junk food and discourage consuming it frequently. And if you want to see a revolution tomorrow- be the revolution today.

Yana Bamb- 9A

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