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“Only know you love her when you let her go” Passenger sang, casually stating one of the most relatable feelings all humankind experiences. Why do we only realize that mangoes are our favorite fruits when it's winter and we can’t have them? Why do we love school wholeheartedly once we’ve graduated? Why do we only realize that childhood is awesome once we’re asked to“grow up”?

No matter how many “live in the moment” posters you see or how many hours you meditate,truly living in the moment seems impossible. All through your childhood you think about howcool it will be when you grow up, all through your thriving youth you think about being an adult,and you spend your adulthood regretting growing up so quickly. It's a vicious system, andthere’s no way to escape it. No matter how hard you try, the toddler will want to be a teenagerand the teenager a toddler again. This unexplainable feeling resides in our hearts for eternity,and it applies with reference to not only growing up but anything where there’s a change. Therich man wishes to be happy like the poor one and vice versa.

So how do we escape this labyrinth?

The truth is, you can’t, not completely, because that’s just the way humans are wired. However,what can help you immensely is practicing methods of expressing gratitude. Whether you’reclimbing the most difficult part of the mountain or enjoying the priceless view at the top, youmust always take in the beauty of it. For those very moments that you spend going through difficulty are the very moments which shape your conscience and make you wiser, and they’re all a part of a beautiful journey, no matter what the destination is.

Come on. Right here, right now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and admire the situationyou are in, the people that surround you and the most important part of it all: yourself. Admire how right this moment your lungs are working hard to keep you alive and thriving, your heart is beating every second to allow you to live out the ever-so-complex and unique art, that is life.


-Sanvi Nangre

Wisdom High Group of Schools

Govardhan Campus


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