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Formula 1- An expression of life.

Lights out, and away we go. Our beloved sport is extremely relatable to us, in

more ways than we can imagine.

Formula 1, commonly known as F1, is the pinnacle of motorsport, consisting of

different teams having 2 drivers each, trying to win races and championships,

all while exploring the world. Every single driver in formula 1 is capable of

extraordinary things, one is wonderful at keeping their head down and getting

through the crowd unnoticed, by focusing on tyre management, for example;

and another at giving it their all and pushing on those tyres. As I sit here and

type this blog, I wonder: isn't f1 very similar to life itself?

For aren't we all working hard day in day out to try to reach the top? Don’t we

all face that little patch of rough along the road which may feel like the end of

the world for us, but we always fight back to it? And don't we all require a

break, a “pitstop” every once in a while to keep going? Life isn't a race, a

collection of races it can be. Whether it's giving one last push by submitting

that last assignment to up your grade, or having to move on with your life and

“keep pushing” while in an unfortunate situation, in many ways, we, my

friends, are those brave drivers. The car is our very determination, the team

being the people in our lives, any tyre wear or resistance being the challenges

we face, and of course, the track; our world, our platform, our very stage; for

the one man show.

Relating f1 to life teaches us that everything will not always go your way, and

that’s okay. Maybe you faced some resistance, some mountains and maybe

sometimes your car; your determination or discipline takes a hit, or your very

gears have to be pulled down a notch, you can always recover. And every little

mistake, every little time you went too fast around a corner, is a new lesson


To conclude, I’d like to remind us all the wise words of 7-time World Champion

Sir Lewis Hamilton, “In racing there are always things you can learn, every

single day. There is always space for improvement, and I think that applies to

everything in life.”


Sanvi Nangre,

Grade 9A (IGCSE )

Govardhan Campus (GOC)

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