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English is a language of international communication, diplomacy, tourism, aviation and everything that comes to your mind.

English is a magnificent language, beautifully crafted and well versed. People these days have destroyed the magnificence of this language by the use of slang and mixing it with local languages, ruining the quality of conversation.

However, original English has derived its words from other languages.

Significant to note:

  • Sanskrit words like ‘matru’ as ‘mother’, ‘jyamiti’ as ‘geometry’, etc. are used in English today.

  • French words like cafe, entrepreneur, restaurant, salon, etc. are used in English

It is a very common habit of people to use slang and other verses mixed within their conversations.

This makes communication comfortable for adults but young minds like us are learning to communicate using the English language internationally as well as domestically.

Use of slang spoils this rhythm and communication, making it difficult for us.

English is the language of the world currently, thus every part of the world has their own variant of speaking this language.

Another significant reason for misuse of English is due to British ruling across the globe. The English empire once said, "Sun never sets on the British Empire" which means that they were ruling across the length and breadth of the world. This has led to the influence and counter influence of English on other cultures and languages so much that the Oxford dictionary keeps adding a few words from other languages.

Now that English is spoken world wide, people have made variations according to their comfort. People don’t understand the beauty of language.

Now-a-days many other words of different languages are being included in English. It is not just English but almost all other languages too.

People don't have to be in two minds to comprehend words of different languages in English. Isn’t it quite funny that people don’t use pure English?

They think that utilization of different words has become a trend. Especially the addition of the word “na”, “re”, “arre”, etc in the English language.

“Arre…I left my phone at home today” said Kapoor Aunty

Not only Indian languages are included in English but also different foreign languages.


  • From U.S.A

Words like chill (relaxed), bummed (disappointment), etc. are used in daily communication.

  • From India