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You know, one very fine day everything will end. It will end before you even know it. Where time would not matter, it will finish in a blink of an eye. Those so called 'Sunday-scooter' trips, hanging out on daily bases, chit-chat and what not will come to conclusion, it will end. Every photograph will turn into a memory, those videos will become a reel someday, and we will be grown-ups whose shoulders will bear responsibility. We will have to accept the fact nothing will stay the same, and I do not know why my mind is not ready to accept such a simple thing. Is it because I am too attached? Yes I am, no guilt in there. Breathing became a part of our friendship. It was all pure, nothing toxic. And that is part of why it is so burdensome to leave. To leave this place that keeps our memories in the tight jar of cookies. Little things matter too much, even when the word 'too' sounds too little. I hope nobody has to leave anyone, even when I know truth is stranger than fiction.


Avani Adsare

Wisdom High International School

(Rameshwar Nagar Campus)


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