The clock is ticking for us and earth, thus it is the responsibility of the young and restless to improve and take steps towards environmental sustainability alongside strategically inspiring our eco-conscious colleagues. Such global activists with a strong dedication towards their work can unite as an eco-warrior group and benefit generations ahead through introducing new terminologies and new ways of living, further through engaging with environmental organizations and companies who share a common objective. Paul Watson, Timothy Treadwell, and various young activists including Greta Thunberg who insisted in her speech on how climate change is inevitable and with her growing prominence she has been able to encourage large groups of citizens to contribute to the betterment of our environment and targeted ignorant political leaders to address the several adverse impacts caused on our environment.

Undoubtedly various significant environmental issues are still prevailing on a global scale including growing numbers of polluting industries, deforestation, depletion of resources, and several others. Although in my opinion, a few measures practiced by various institutions and communities have led to prominent effects, including the establishment of a secure and clean environment and sustainable management of natural resources and energy sources. For instance, the locally-led green startups across our county and many others including Africa chose innovative approaches with promising results

The millennial green goals are as varied as the ways to achieve, if you are passionately on the eco buzz and have resisted any action taken towards the environment you have got to put your hand up and start using the smallest of initiatives including volunteering or even inspire colleagues. More often new-age environmentalists are finding inspiration closer to home a few citizens and organizations put efforts into activities like Micromanage waste in institutions

It is necessary to educate students and professionals on the need for waste management which can be done through periodical workshops which mainly focus on waste segregation including in-house waste management, recycling and most importantly composting biodegradable waste .people don’t realize that trash they threw out ends up adding to a load of Earth when goes into landfills. I feel being a young activist one should be advocating waste management at a home level and gather young supporters to raise awareness and create an impact. Moreover, in workplaces with no sustainability representative, you could take up the responsibility to volunteer by creating secure spaces, for instance organizing recycling bins.

Encouraging tree plantations

Institutions should aim to increase their area’s green cover through instilling behavioral changes in students and educating them about the positive externalities provided by these activities, furthermore citizens can take up the responsibility to adopt a sapling and nurture it till its fully grown. Personally, I feel, commercial logging should be reduced especially in the USA as its mainly performed to fulfill economic desires and needs, moreover, indoor plants are a strategic way to encourage sustainability it purifies the air, improves public health by reducing stress.

Water management

Last not least comes the most scarce resource water, thus its necessary to cut its usage, according to activist Stella mc Cartney, It is recommended that one should hand wash their laundry, severely reducing the number of microfibers entering the environment, further, it should be emphasized that instead of filling an entire glass one can drink in half measures. In my view, you as a responsible citizen can take tiny steps by reusing water this could be implemented in domestic chores, groundwater replenishment and industrial processes

On the whole, according to me, there’s no point blatantly preaching about environmental sustainability; rather be compassionate and suggest environmentally friendly habits to colleagues who are interested in helping, and as an individual u can support organizations and suggest innovative approaches.

- Rohana Ratnakar 11AS

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