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Earth taken for granted?

Imagine looking outside your window and seeing lush green grass with huge trees. The sky is clear and you can hear the sound of birds. This could be your life in 10 years from now if we change our ways and fight for our future. We must incorporate sustainable activities such as recycling in our life.

When you think about things and how they are made, how sustainable is it really? The chain of production is causing a painful death for earth. Around 95% of the things you own are produced wastefully. This means that every time you buy something, you are hurting your home. Recycling is the answer to mitigating part of the problem.

Some individuals voiced out their opinions saying they will stay unbothered as it has no effect on them. So, let’s change the perspective from disappearing animals to you. If we continue our ways; 20 years from now; will there even be drinking water, fresh food, or air? We must get to work.

Keep in mind that recycling is not even the bare minimum. Keep in mind that the problems

spoken about here are just the tip of the iceberg. We should’ve taken action yesterday, or thirty years ago. We are all one family, so let’s stop acting as if we have all the time in the world and go on this mission collectively.

By: Gurubani Mehta 10A IGCSE [CAMBRIDGE]

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