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Choosing the right books for early readers

Have you ever seen a child reading a book or speaking confidently in any particular language? Well, this can be achieved in the early stages of development. 'Reading the right books' to kindergarteners is very important in order to enhance a child's language & critical thinking skills.

The big books are one of the most attractive things available in the market, which children enjoy the most. A picture book with a crisp description of a story character is the most fascinating thing for early readers. The pictures give a chance to think & describe the thoughts behind characterization. Also the words used in the story have to be basic and could be easy to read.

This way of describing the picture & reading the simple words allows them to build their own sentences. Similarly, another interesting feature which could be discussed is they can change the plot of the story as per their imagination and conclusion or moral could be completely different from the traditional ones.

This freedom of thinking gives them a confidence to build their vocabulary resulting in a very well developed orator. And one important key to achieve this is a two way communication. So, always make sure you provide a listening ear to the children when needed and discuss & resolve their queries with effective words which improves their vocabulary.

So let's all choose the suitable books for our young readers & let them explore the beauty of the language.

Blog by

Ms.Nupur Kansara

Educator at Wisdom High Group of Schools


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