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Breathing Art

From the time we are young, we are encouraged to play with shapes and colors, a process that helps us grow cognitively and physically. So why don’t we continue this creative process as adults? Art surrounds life, all people in every location, without us being aware of it. Since time immemorial, art has existed as long as man has. It is a huge part of our culture, which shapes our ideas, and vice versa, and provides us with a deeper understanding of emotions, self-awareness, and more. Many people fail to realize how art impacts their daily life. Everyone uses art continually. The majority don’t know how much of a role art plays in their lives and just how much we rely on art, in all of its forms, in our everyday lives. Why is art important in our daily lives? Because we are surrounded by art, and without it, the human race will not be as you know it.

Art in the Home

Arguably, almost everyone has some form of art in their home—a painting, a framed photograph, a table centerpiece, and even the main layout and design of a house is art. Art is not purely for looking at and admiring, a lot of it is functional too, especially when it comes to our homes. Everything from a delightfully patterned quilt on the bed or even your decorative tea towels and teacups can be considered a form of art.

Our brain is just conditioned to think that these types of items are not art when it’s only for decoration.

Site-Specific Art

Art, in any form, can give people emotions that can lift their spirit and make them more driven than ever. One of the most common trends in the tourism industry is hospitality art, which utilizes art to invite guests and engage them more throughout their stay. Corporate art inspires workers and boosts productivity using art inside the workplace. Hospital art or healing art is also one way of helping patients recover faster and their families and healthcare workers to regain their composure and stay calm.

Art is everywhere, influencing us daily, whether we realize it or not. And this is the mere reason why art is important in our daily lives. The art that we are surrounded by, whether it’s a painting, music or even videos can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions.

People think that science and technology are superior to art. But art makes life worthwhile. It may not be vital to fulfill our basic needs, but it does make life joyful. As we continue our journey of a fast-paced life with moments of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts, art allows every moment to be memorable. Understanding our emotions can help us heal, grow and improve ourselves. Increasing our self-awareness through art can lead to more success personally and professionally.

Art can make a community more beautiful. It also makes the places we visit and spend time more interesting. Through art, we gain a better understanding of cultures, history, and tradition; as well as help people in the present build better and more complete lives.

All art is about creative expansion. By challenging yourself on paper or canvas, you can grow in observation and understanding of your surroundings, enabling you to begin seeing creative solutions in other aspects of life. Art also helps us connect with others – can you remember showing off your earliest masterpieces to friends and siblings? This human connection never fades; especially as adults, artistic exploration helps us communicate in ways that surpass mere words and languages.

Playing with color and shape is a process that draws us away from the outer world and helps us rediscover inner direction and intention. Unlike passive activities we could choose (internet, television, social media), making art gives us a small piece of the universe to shape into what we want it to be. It is never too late (or early) to get creative. Now go grab a brush and get started.

- Lakshmi Dokhale 11AS

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