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Bored? Try this…

I am sure, I am not the only one who is incredibly bored at some period of time. Even though school keeps me decently busy with projects, activities and home tasks, I still get bored.

That's why I've found a solution for you all. This solution will never disappoint you and will help you overcome your boredom. I've been trying this for a month. I have a list of choices for you all

Arts: Arts have numerous forms and themes in it, for example- sketching, canvas painting, portraits, texture art, calligraphy and much more.

Coding: We have various tutorials coming up on websites, YouTube and other digital apps. Coding helps you to create new apps or games up to your choice. You have a fun and a learning side too...

Reading books:It's not necessary to always read books of a particular genre. You can even read books with life lessons for example: I have completed reading 3 editions of Sudha Murty and have completed 7 chapters of the 4th edition! 😊

Listen to music:Listening to music of your choice can reduce more than 70% of your stress, it also comforts you and helps your mind in making it calm and peaceful

Go for a walk-in nature:

Going for a walk-in nature can increase your stamina and reduce fatigue. It encourages you to observe nature with all your senses like smelling the essence of flowers, looking at the trees, hearing the chirping of birds etc...

Bake something:You know what, I love baking cakes, bread and pizzas! I learned something too and now you can learn too...

Solving word puzzles:Word puzzles storm up your brain and help you in increasing your focus. Word puzzles improve your concentration too.

Learn new languages:Learning new languages can enhance and improve your verbal and memory skills. It also builds up the attitude toward the language, country and its culture.

The last but not the least

Making and writing your own journal or diary: Sharing your thoughts with someone becomes too freaky so writing your thoughts in your diary makes you feel light-hearted and comfortable.

Staying inside the house all day is not fun, but filling your time with activities helps lessen the feeling of being “trapped” inside. Now we’ve taken a deep dive into what to do when bored, so I hope you all will use these ideas too!


Dhruvi Tatiya

8A Cambridge

Govardhan Campus

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