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Being weird is not a bad thing, not being yourself is.

"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself" -anonymous

"She is so weird."

"He still likes cartoons at this age …..Grow up, what a weirdo!"

"She never talks, stay away from her….. She’s a weirdo."

"He's a boy and still hangs out with girls, what a weirdo."

"She's a girl and she's into gothic stuff, what a nutcase."

"He's always studying, so weird."

"She likes sport, really that's so weird does she even know how to kick a ball."

I'm pretty sure most of us must have at least heard one of this at least one of these growing up,because I have heard most of them. Some people might say that it's perfectly normal to be alittle bit weird, while others may think that being too weird is a bad thing. In general, it’s bad tobe weird only if it is creating problems in your life. If you’re weird in a way that makes it difficult for you to make friends or function in society, then it might be considered a bad thing.

But who cares you can be anyone you want, you don't need to shape your personality as someone wants you to, you don't need to change yourself because some people are calling you "weird" Labelling you, calling you names, people will be people, they will speak, they will comment, they will try to pull you down. Sometimes these people will be your own friends, your family, your teachers, people you know, people you care for, people you like.

It's hard to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to be someone else. While it's good to change your bad habits, work on yourself, on your insecurities. And you know what be "weird", even if you are "weird" according to some people what's the harm in it at least you get to be yourself in the process. I mean why not be "weird", I love people who are themselves no matter how people label them. On top of that it's so easy to hang out with so-called "weird"people. I myself am weird and I am proud to be weird because people have given me so many names, called me weird countless times, judged me so hard that I don't care anymore, at least now I get to be myself no matter what, now at least I get to give my opinions, talk about my likings and it's so easy to hang out with a "weird" person because they will not judge you, they will not criticise because they know how it feels, they know how much it hurts.

Also when you are an outcast, labelled as "weird", only a fraction of people will hang out with but these fraction of people are your real friends because they like you for who you are not for someone you shaped yourself to be, not someone you pretend to be and being "weird" comes with its own benefits:

● You get to be yourself

● You are unique

● You stop caring what people think about you

● You start making real friends

The only drawback is that:

You may have trouble fitting in, but where is the harm in that, everybody have their own flaws Even the most beautiful flower has thorns.

Be weird, Be different, Be yourself.


Garima Choudhary


Wisdom High Group of Schools

Serene Meadows Campus(SMC),Nashik

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