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I have heard many people say that “you learn from your mistakes”, I never really cared to think about why it was said but a few years back I understood that no matter what goal we are trying to achieve we make mistakes, we experience failure and learn to accept it and move on hoping not to make the same mistakes again. It still does not seem to be very straight forward but it’s a fact and we should all agree that we have experienced it a few times in our lives and at least twice during our teens (let’s be honest - it has to be more than that!).

Happiness is letting go of what you assume your life is going to be like and appreciating everything we have and have done right now that had motivated us to continue the learning and moving on process.

At the end of the day, before we close our eyes being grateful for everything we have experienced that day should give us happiness and put a smile on our faces.

I have realized that focus is more important than time. I observed that if you focus on something without worrying about the time, you end up being more productive and efficient.

Managing your focus and not your time is going to solve 99% of what stressed you out today, a month from now. Being distracted has been a big factor for me, shaking off the distractions and bringing your mind back to work is what will keep you going on in life.

I was born in a technology dense environment, being more productive and not procrastinating is a challenge to get over, now it might take time to break the routine and build a new one but with confidence, and observing what needs to be changed in our lifestyle, from the way we go about doing the smallest tasks every day to our perspective on the bigger things. For example, instead of thinking ‘Watering the plants is going to take a long time I would think about the amount of satisfaction and motivation I will get after having completed the task.

Being calm is a superpower. I have observed that being calm in a situation gives a different result than acting aggressively towards something (this does not mean we don’t have to defend ourselves when we are accused of something wrong we did not do). There are some situations where being calm will solve the problem faster than taking an aggressive stance towards it. This will result in a clear mind and a peaceful heart, which in the end will give you the “higher ground” as says Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.