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A story I wish to be in

Stories are an essential part of everyone’s life. What are stories? Why are they so important? Many people think that stories are useless. They do not have any meaning in our lives. They are just for entertainment. This is not at all true. Remember the stories which were told to us by our parents, grandparents. Relatives, etc in our childhood. I agree that some stories are useless but not all. Many of the stories have some morals. Let’s consider the basic story which is world famous of hare and tortoise. There is a lot to learn from this story.

Stories are not only web series or the story of a movie. There are also few stories that had happened in the history. Radhakrishna story, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc are some of the historical stories. If I talk about myself, I would like to be in the story of Radhakrishna.

Radhakrishna gives us a lot of learnings. Lord Krishna has taught us so many things that we can’t even count them. He has actually taught us to be a great person. He has performed so many instances that we can’t even remember them. One of them is the meeting of Krishna and Sudama. This incidence teaches us the real meaning of friendship. This incidence is so overwhelming that whenever we see it or hear about it, our eyes are full of tears. We can never forget about it.

Another incidence can be the story of Mahabharata. This teaches us that we should never be greedy of money. We should always be happy in what we have. One last incidence which I would like to mention is the story of ‘Shrinivas and Bhargavi’. When Goddess Laxmi cursed Rishi Bhrigu that the whole unity of Brahmanas would never have Laxmi that is money in their house, Rishi Bhrigu requested Narayan to give him a boon that Laxmi should take her next birth as Rishi Bhrigu’s daughter. This is what happened. Goddess Laxmi took her next birth in the form of Bhargavi and Narayan took his next birth in the form of Shrinivas. Despite of so many obstacles in their life, they still kept loving each other selflessly. This incidence teaches us that we need to face all the obstacles that come into our life. These are some of the incidences that can be learned from Radhakrishna.

I personally like many people’s role in Radhakrishna but the most I like is the role of Radha and Krishna. They have set such a good example of true love that it is impossible to forget them in any generation. They both did not marry each other but still their name is always pronounced together. This is all because of their selfless love towards each other. Radha is one of strongest goddess. She is considered to be the goddess of love. She is a women who showers her love towards everyone. She loves Krishna the most; that too without expecting anything from him. She does not keep any grudges in her mind. She loves everyone from the bottom of her heart. This is what is the best thing about her personality. On the other hand, Krishna has always fought from the right side and has always helped the poor ones. He is known to be very naughty. One of his famous names is ‘Makhan Chor’.

To conclude, I would say that I would love to play the role of Radha in this story. At the end, I would just like to give a suggestion to all of them who are reading my blog. Love is not about romance or spending time with each other, it is all about loving each other from the bottom of your heart. Love never expects anything from you, it always gives you some or the other learning.


Prapti Kulkarni Grade 12 A Cambridge

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