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A Small Message From Ganpati Bappa

Hello everyone!!! I am Prapti again here with a new blog. As you all know, we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi every year. It is celebrated for 10 days at many places.

Who is Ganesh or Ganpati Bappa?? Lord Ganesha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The word Ganesha is made from two words: “Gana” means the masses of people and “isha” means God. He is also referred to as the god of knowledge. If I have to speak about my relation with Ganpati Bappa then he is my elder brother. When I used to stay in Pune, I used to daily worship his temple because it was very near and from that time I started calling him “Bhaiyya”. This is a word in Hindi meaning elder brother. The topic of my blog is “a small message from Ganpati Bappa” so let us understand this phrase by small stories.

There are three main gods of the universe whom we call Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Ganesh is the son of Mahesh or Mahadev and Parvati. Mahadev and Parvati stay at a mountain named “Kailash Parvat”.

One day Parvati had gone for a bath and she had asked Ganesh to stand in front of the palace and not let anyone enter inside. He did not know that Mahadev was his father. So when Mahadev came to the palace, Ganesh stopped him from going inside. He was just following his mother’s order. Mahadev got very angry and in anger, he beheaded Ganesh. When Parvati stepped out and saw the dead body of her son, she lost her temper and decided to destroy the universe. Brahma apologized to her on behalf of Shiva and explained to him that Ganesh was his son. Mahadev realized his mistake and he asked his troops to search in the forests and bring the head of the first animal which they find. They found an elephant that they brought to Shiva. He used his power and attached the head to Ganesh’s body. This is how Ganesh was born. From this story as far as I know, we understand that how anger can cause harm to our dearest people.

The second story is about Lord Vishnu’s missing conch. In Hindi, conch means "शंख”. Lord Vishnu had his conch which he used to keep with him always. One day, he noticed that the conch was missing and was found nowhere. He got extremely annoyed. After some time, Vishnu heard some sound from a distance. He followed that sound and reached Kailash Parvat. He saw that Ganesh had taken his conch. He knew that Ganesh would not return the conch to him easily so he went to Lord Shiva and asked him to tell Ganesh to return his conch. Lord Shiva said that he too didn’t have the power to tell Ganesh and the only way is to perform a puja for him. Lord Vishnu did do the same. Seeing this, Ganesh was extremely pleased and he returned Vishnu’s conch o him. This story tells us about humility by showing that the great god as Vishnu who is called “Jagatpita Narayan” did not hesitate to worship Ganesh.

This story tells us about Ganesh’s wisdom. Ganesh had a brother named “Kartikeya”. Once Ganesh and Kartikeya found a unique fruit in the forest. Both of them refused to share with each other and returned to Kailash Parvat. Mahadev and Parvati assigned them a task that whoever circumvents the whole world three times and returns first will get this fruit. Kartikeya immediately sat on his pet peacock and went. Ganesh knew that his pet who was a rat would not be able to fly. So he started walking around Shiva and Parvati and completed three circles. When Shiva asked him the reason, he said in a very polite manner that we were supposed to do three circles of the whole world and for me, my parents are more than a world. This story gives us very important learning that we should give our parents respect and love because they deserve it.

One last story is about the sweet kheer. One day Ganesh entered a village with some rice and milk to make kheer but everyone was busy. Then he saw a poor woman who agreed to make kheer for him. When she was cooking, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she realized that the kheer was already cooked and was extremely delicious. She was very hungry so she offered it to Ganesh’s idol and began eating. When the boy returned, she apologized to him and said that she could not resist her hunger and ate before him. He said that he ate it already when she offered it to Ganesh. The woman started crying at his feet and Ganesh blessed her with wealth and health. This story tells us that before taking care of our own needs, we should not forget to worship God. This also tells us that because we are humans, we do not see God even if he is in an incarnation of someone in front of us.


These are some stories of Lord Ganesh. If you read each story, you will see that there are some other morals for each one. My mother says that we should ask only one blessing from Ganpati Bappa to give us knowledge and a lot of positivity. Thank You for reading my blog.

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