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A perfect party

“Attack life with a festive spirit and live with no regrets.”

Parties are the starry sights that light up our darkest nights. A party is also like a graduation which keeps us on our toes. It appreciates our efforts and encourages us to put in more work to reach our goals. It is a wormhole that provides us an escape. I have heard many people whine and complain about their sad reality but I think they forget that reality is an illusion that manifests due to absence of festivities, celebration and friends. Parties set our souls free. Parties have the sole purpose of reflecting our satisfaction for the things we have and to give a head start for new beliefs and work. Everybody anticipates to go to a party, a perfect party to be precise where you are not just allured by luxuries but welcomed with open arms by true friends into a distant universe to have fun.

A perfect party is not only about a fancy venue, five-star hotel food, expensive clothes but the friends you have make the party a perfectly magical one. You can have the perfect party without any of that too! A perfect party can be the one with delectable hangout snacks available like pizza, Maggi, oats, pancakes, chips or even biscuits. Simple drinks like water, Sprite,Fanta,home-made milkshakes work out too.

If you are not into too much of dressing up then casual clothes or even your comfy hoodie can be suitable as you are around your friends who accept you for who you are. If you like shopping and clothes a lot then you are completely free to wear your favorite brands. At the end we are not here to judge each other’s wealth, dressing sense and choice. We are here to enjoy and relax. It is a no judge zone.

The perfect party speaks of times when you and your friends pour out all your thoughts and worries, we all dance out our stress and pain. We dream away the time in a hope to make a difference tomorrow. Our eyes reflect the lodestars that the party points out. The fairy lights illuminate our path as we joyously bet on our play cards. It is a short glimpse of heaven. The ecstatic feeling built up in our chest is etched in our hearts.

Whether it’s a simple balloon or sleek festive decoration, the party fails to be perfect if you don’t have the fun. It is up to you if you want majestic, simple or with no décor at all. At the very end of the tunnel, it is not just the decoration, fairy lights, dance floor, music system, food, selfie corner that makes the party special but also the emotion that painted the memory of a perfect party. Friendship inks the memory at the back of our minds.

A party is like a cooking recipe so it has its own smell and a taste so make sure that your perfect party tastes and smells how you want it with a group of friends eagerly waiting at the table to have the perfect party.


Aayushree Attarde

Class:8A(ICSE) RNC

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