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A base is as important as the height, to form a triangle.

Just like a run of the mill, rectangular table needs four legs to function normally, and our body enough neurones, we as individuals that are a part of this harsh society also need “legs” to function.

The word ‘support’ consists of endless duality: simultaneously as bright as the sun and as mysterious as infinity.

Often for people my age, support is a friendly neighbour that pops in occasionally when it needs aataa to make fresh rotis for its guests. I do not mean this literally. However, time and again, the people that provide support to us, show up when they themselves need it. This may seem bizarre or unheard of but think about it: each leg of the table, undoubtedly needs the other three, and the tabletop to fulfil its purpose and just be as it is supposed to be.

Support is not a double-edged sword but a rough stone waiting to be hurled at the passers-by. As we devote day and night to console that one friend who just cannot seem to study, or another one affected by an unstable home, the support that we provide to our loved ones nibbles off a tiny piece off the hands of our clock, like Cinderella’s mice. On rare occasions, with such severity that the hands on our clock disappear and the numbers start to fade as well.

Today, as we try to push each other off our ladders to success, we fail to stop and think about how lonely it will be up there, if everyone is left behind. We would just sit there watching like the omnipotent god, swimming in success, with only the water as our friend. As we observe these tea parties take place, we would think, “Does god get lonely sometimes?”

As a teenager with raging hormones inside of me, even when surrounded by a million, it is not unusual for me to feel like a cuckoo bird’s abandoned daughter. None of those that were around me seemed to have the same feathers as me or a similar looking beak, they even chirped differently. After I learnt to fly with my odd-looking wings, I asked to those well-populated clouds who never seemed alone, “Would I have met you guys sooner if somebody would’ve told me that it is okay to be different and my wings are certainly as capable as theirs?”

The CPU of an individual is not their brain, but the people who keep them sane. A brain is nothing without the blood that flows through it, pumped by the heart, which is given reason by those very loved ones that have long ago, chucked their beautifully adorned clock out the window for you.

Support might be a rough stone, but it is one that lowers the centre of gravity of a body for it to be stable. Say “hi” to a friend, send them a text, let them know you’re there. For these, will be the calls to the lonely and alienated cuckoo bird, too scared to fly out their nest.

Nilanjana Deshmukh

10B IGCSE Cambridge

Wisdom High International School

Govardhan Campus(GOC),Nashik

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