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5 Desserts Around The World That You Should Try Out!

Haven’t you ever wondered how vast the world has choices in ‘Dessert cuisine’? If you haven’t searched how big it is, this blog is here to tell you everything!

‘Bebinca, India’

Mmmmm! When you eat this layered, sweet monstrosity, your mouth will be full of the taste and you reminisce the history of Goa. This dessert has 16 layers and will butter your teeth so much that you will need to eat it again.

‘Knafeh, Levant’

Golden Pastry of the Middle East has the perfect contrast of texture of sweet cream, nuts, salty cheese, and sugary syrup that fuses the toppings, which afterward is draped tastefully with the flavor of an orange or rose blossom. This is a dish that you should have at least once in your life!

‘Linzer Torte, Austria’

This old-fashioned dessert is still the star of the 21st century.

This thing is SUPER-LOADED with groundnuts and often walnuts! Linzer Torte has been around since 1653. This is, indeed, a historic dessert.

Qatayef, Levant’

We have another Middle Eastern Dish now. This is Qatayef; a dessert filled with creamy cream and nuts. It is like a folded pancake but isn’t.

‘Şekerpare, Turkey’

Turkey is known for sweet dishes like baklava. Şekerpare is one of the popular dishes that people from all around the world come to taste. The main ingredients include baked balls of almond and lemon flavored sugar syrup.

Give your taste buds a tasty treat this winter!


Aaron Abraham 8B

Wisdom High International School


Govardhan Campus(GOC)

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