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Special Needs Education

                      We at Wisdom High Group of Schools believe that every child is unique, special and capable in their own way. We value diversity and believe in creating appropriate opportunities for every child to help them learn in the best possible manner and develop the necessary skills to grow and blossom.

                  We aim at providing education not just to the mainstream students but also students with special needs by understanding their needs and wants and helping them walk hand in hand with the mainstream students. We achieve this by practicing an inclusive approach to education, a positive and supportive school climate which encourages peer interaction, friendships, social integration which reduces stigma and promotes a sense of belongingness.

               Our qualified and well trained teachers follow integrated lesson plans, and provide all necessary accommodations like, assistive technologies, modified materials and teaching plans to suit the needs of all students. In this way a student with special needs or disabilities can fully participate in day to day classroom learning seamlessly. Our teachers cater towards every student to help them understand the concept and implement them in their day to day lives. Students are also enrolled in various competitions which provides them a platform to voice out their opinions and have qualities like public speaking, confidence, leadership qualities etc. This helps them to prove themselves in various other areas apart from academics. We promote an audio-visual learning environment where the kids learn about the concepts in depth and get a hands on experience through activities

           Our team of psychologists give one to one attention to students, help them in understanding their concerns, working on them through psycho-educational assessment with standardized testing and maintaining the protocol of confidentiality. Students are guided in their studies, academics and co-curricular We also work on students with learning disabilities, by helping them get certified and avail provisions for reading writing and external-writer, so that they can study and work harder towards their dreams, live a purposeful life and be successful in all endeavors.




Mindfulness activity

One-to-one counselling

Special facilities for differently-abled children

Wisdom High Group of Schools promises to provide the best quality of education without entertaining any sort of discrimination.

In order to cater to the needs of the differently abled students, Wisdom High Group of Schools do not keep any stone unturned.

Being an educational institution it becomes our responsibility to provide special assistance to the differently abled students which includes assurance, guidance and counselling.

Along with providing special facilities to augment educational services to them our school also helps to assess the educational needs of differently abled students and guide them to get enrolled for smooth education.

Our school thoroughly understands the need for the special aids while dealing with them, hence provides a plethora of amenities as per individual’s needs.

Infrastructure: Elevated pathways: A basic requirement the infrastructure … this is a part of WHIS school building.

Handrails: Required for support is part of the building


Wheel chair & lift assistance: Being an inclusive school we do have and provide this facility.

Specially designed Classrooms:

Human resource

• Trained Educators

• Shadow teachers

• Individual education plan (IEP),

• support staff

Shadow teacher.jpg
A full time Shadow teacher to take care of Special students
support staff.jpg
Support staff assistance and help in time of need
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