Frequently asked questions

What is Internationalism? (International School)

An International school must possess the following features:

  • Address to the learning requirements of 21st century.
  • Adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) and /or IGCSE programme from Pre-Group to Grade 12.
  • International standards and International validation.
  • Sensitizing students to global issues such as environment, peace, poverty, conflict, resolution, etc.
  • Internationalism means a school that functions with an International curriculum, irrespective of large campus or large space.
  • An International Curriculum is one which is applicable worldwide in any country & adapts to the culture of that country.

Do you have any special arrangements for students with learning difficulties?

Yes, the Recharge Centre our school psychologists are working for these students to identify their difficulty and giving complete guidance & counselling. Also providing support to provisions to diagnosed Learning Disabled student. For slow learner we have our new venture “Connect Academy” here we are giving NIOS curriculum with therapies.

What is the term of the academic year?

The academic year is from June to April

Do you provide career counselling to students?

Career Launcher is a one-stop platform catering to the grade 10 students enabling them to make well informed college and career decisions in India and Abroad. Career launcher will give them easy access to detailed information on career choices, courses in Arts , Commerce and Science streams, entrance exams, colleges, admission criteria, eligibility, fees, placement statistics, rankings, reviews, scholarships, latest updates etc.
The program offers:-

  • Guidance and Counseling for study in India and Abroad
  • Choosing the right subjects and streams (ISC, HSC, AS and A level) of study as per ability, capability, and passion for learning.
  • Preparation for Entrance exams for Under Graduate programs for Engineering/ Medicine/ Design/ Architecture/CPT/NATA/HM/CLAT/IPM/BBA
  • Preparation for SAT/TOEFL/IELTS

Do you provide meals at school?

School Lunch and Breakfast:
A wholesome vegetarian diet is provided – a heavy snack in the morning such as idly, dosa, upma, bhel puri, chappathi/ rolls etc. and lunch consisting of salad, vegetables, chapattis, dal, rice, dahi or buttermilk and fruits etc. Breakfast is compulsory for all students and extra charges for the same needs to be paid with annual charges. For lunch, the child needs to register on an annual basis. Provision of lunch at an extra cost on per day basis is also available as a coupon system whenever you are not able to send lunch to school.

What is the mode communication for a query?

You can communicate to the school via:
School App:
Two way communication for suggestions, complaints or grievances
To the Trustees or Principal Directors.
Help Desk:
For issues which may be urgent to be communicated to your child or some issues which were not being sorted.
ERP System:
It helps you to know the progress of your child, health issues in the en re year or previous years, Homework and learning happening at school, Gateway for payments. A direct mail to the teacher for queries about your child.

What is the measures adopted for the safety of the child?

Attendance message: As soon as your child reaches school. Students absent in the school are notified to the parents immediately.
SMS Alerts: Any extra class or extra working is notified to parents to help keep track of whereabouts of your child.
CCTV: Installed in classes and all areas to correct and check any mis happenings.
Bus Tracking System: Which helps you track the school bus in case you have missed the bus or to know when child is arriving.
Security checks at the gate.
Soft Padded Play areas: for the young kids at school on play equipment’s.
Floor wise Emergency Response Team: Floor boys on each floor to monitor the safety of students.

What is the assessment system that's followed?

Summative Assessments: Junior School: 40% Oral and 60 % written assessments
Middle & Senior School: 20% Projects and 80% written
High School: 100% written

Formative Assessments:

  • Concept based learning assessed after every concept by an activity/ project work or presentations.
  • ASSET Test by Educational Initiatives, for concept evaluation of Languages, Math & Sciences followed by Talent Search Examinations, Duke University.
  • Assessment for Learning Activities, projects, visits, visitors, research work done for pre hand explanation of a concept.
  • Learning Programs: The school undertakes a learning program every year to enhance skills in Math & Sciences like egg dropping, Jet toy making, water portability, etc.
  • Mind Spark: Mind spark is a computer based self-adaptive learning program that helps children to improve skills in Math. It allows each child to follow a learning path that is based on their current level and at a pace they are comfortable with its focus is on understanding Math concepts, addressing of common errors and misconception. To know more log in to www.mindspark.in 12th HSC Science: 2015-2016: 100% Result

What is the mode of payment for fees?

Every parent needs to pay the fee of the child on me and as per installments stipulated. There may be a 15-20% hike in the annual charges on the fees paid by you for the existing year. You may ask for a monthly fee schedule if the need be.

Ways of making the payments:

On the School Counter:
You could personally come and pay fees at the school counter in cash or cheque as convenient to you.
Cheque Drop Box:
A cheque drop box is kept at the school gate where you can drop your cheque mentioning the name of the child, class and division on the backside of the cheque. You need to inform the Accounts office by mail that you have done so. A receipt shall be generated and sent with your child a ached to his school diary.
Parents who wish to pay through RTGS can do so. Details of the same are as below. When you do so, you need to send a written mail to the Accounts office regarding details of the RTGS done. After receipt of payment a receipt shall be generated and sent in your child's dairy and a mail.
Gateway at the ERP system and School app:
You could punch in your payments through credit card or net banking on the gateway provided on the ERP system or the School app. Charges for such payment needs to be borne by you.

Points to be noted:

  • Any delay in payment shall result in a late fine of Rs 20/- per day from the date of the due date.
  • Any cheque deposited if bounced, you need to pay cheque bouncing charges of Rs. 500/- with late fee charge of Rs. 20/ per day from the due date.
  • The school is not responsible for the cheques in the drop box if gets misplaced, or any cheques or cash carried by the child to the school gets misplaced.
  • CEAF : Child Education Assurance Fund- The school has made provision for education of students who unfortunately loses a parent who was the earning member of the family. In such cases the school supports the child to continue his/her education with the same school by giving 25% concession from the Trustees fund on the Annual charges and rest from the CEAF. This is a fund created by the parents wherein they deposit Rs 100/- and the balance amount is forfeited from this fund.
  • This helps and assures you that your child shall have no lapses in his/ her education at school from Kindergarten to Grade 12 years.

What does the annual school charges not include?

  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, evening snack)
  • School Uniform (2 pairs), socks, Sports Uniform (1 pair), Winter wear, House T shirt, Team games uniform Text books, Notebooks, workbooks, drawing books throughout the year.
  • Stationery (once at the beginning of each term)
  • Competitive Examination
  • Parents are requested to contact the School Office for details of the same. We recommend that you make me to visit the school and see our state of the art infrastructure, playgrounds etc. Come and experience the care we have taken to create an environment conducive for experimental learning.

What are the school timings?

Preschool/Junior School/ Middle School: 7:45 am to 2:30 pm
Senior School: 7:45 am to 3:30 pm
Two Saturdays: 7:45 am to 12 noon
Junior / Middle School: 8:00 am to 2:45 pm
Senior School: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Two Saturdays: 8:00 am to 12:15 pm Junior College:
High School : 8:00 am to 1:40 pm
(Till 3:30 pm for Science students on Mon / Wed / Fri for Practical’s)
Two Saturdays : 8:00 am to 12:15 pm

What is the teacher-student ratio in the class?

Junior / Middle School : 32 students with 2 Class teachers and other subject teachers
Senior & High School : 30 students with 1 class teacher and other subject teachers
The Student Teacher ratio is 10: 1, considering the teachers for subjects, coaches for co-curricular activities, remedial teachers, etc.

How are the school terms and holidays?

Junior School 3 Terms are followed with 2 weeks holidays in Diwali, 10 days in Christmas and 1 and a half month from mid-April to May end.
Senior & High School 2 Terms and 1 unit test is followed with 1 week holiday in Diwali, 8 days in Christmas and 1 month in May.

What is included in the annual charges?

  • Academics including Remedial Help, Advance Learning classes, Worksheets, Project Work and Examinations.
  • Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities.
  • Labs (Computer labs, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mindspark Labs).
  • Latest equipment’s and material for Sports/ Musical Instruments/ Creative Art Material like pottery wheels, art paints and paper, Klin for baking, etc.
  • Visits to various places for learning.
  • Visitors invited as Judges, People to incorporate learning, Awareness programs, Psychologists Awareness program on Parenting, etc.
  • The Text books and Notebooks for Playgroup to Senior KG.
  • Sports Facility (Skating, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Meditation, Gymnastics, Chess, Table Tennis, Jump Bunch Activities) Social Clubs.
  • Learning programs in the year.
  • Activities conducted every week.
  • Graduation Ceremony.
  • Material for classroom activities for learning.
  • Conduction of Competitive exams.
  • In-house competitions.
  • Academic and behavioral counseling, Infirmary facility.
  • Recharge Centre with School Cinema for Students.
  • Awards and Recognition for every event in house and outside school.
  • Festival Celebrations, Special days, Annual Concert (except costume amount), Annual Exhibition, Annual Sports Meet.