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Competence of Teachers: 

Teachers of Wisdom High Group of Schools possess unparalleled competence, exemplifying expertise and dedication in their respective fields.
Their pedagogical skills enable them to foster a stimulating and supportive learning environment, ensuring student growth and success.

Content Knowledge:

Teachers of Wisdom High Group of hold extensive and deep content knowledge that is essential for effective instruction.
Their comprehensive understanding of their subject matter allows them to deliver accurate and up-to-date information to students.

Pedagogical Skills:

Teachers of Wisdom High Group of Schools are skilled at developing well-structured lesson plans that align with the curriculum objectives and cater to the needs of diverse learners. They consider the varied learning styles, abilities, and interests of their students and cater to the same.

Classroom Management Skills:

Teachers at Wisdom High Group of Schools foster a positive and inclusive classroom climate where every student feels valued and respected.
Students are trained and made well versed with what is expected of them in terms of classroom conduct and academic standards.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

Communication and interpersonal skills are essential qualities of the teachers at Wisdom High Group of Schools. They effectively interact with students, parents, colleagues, and administrators and strive to  articulate ideas and instructions clearly and concisely through appropriate language and tone.

Professional Growth:-

Teachers at Wisdom High Group of Schools take relentless efforts to stay updated with the latest research, teaching methodologies and best practices in education.
They actively involve themselves in  seeking out professional development and opportunities through workshops, conferences, webinars, and courses that enhance their subject knowledge, pedagogical skills, and classroom management techniques.


Sukhadaa Indolikar

Hindi Teacher

This is my sixth year working at Wisdom High International School, Nasik. Being a topmost school in Nasik proves that the school management is committed to the well-being of the teachers and students. People at Wisdom don’t consider each other “co-workers” but friends and family. I hope to be a part of this team for many years to come


Moubani Joison


It has been 5 years since I've been associated with WHIS. When we step into our school we don't fret about just working down to our bones, At WHIS along with work we have fun as well. We have recreational sessions of Zumba, yoga, and much more. Since 2020 things haven't been the same, WHIS made sure that we teachers don't miss out on anything. Which school sends pizzas to teachers on teacher's Day? WHIS does!!! Which school stands by their teachers during these tough covid times? Well, WHIS does!!!


Noor Afshan

English HOD

Life at WHIS began for me in the year 2011 when I stepped into the beautiful premise of this incomparable school for my interview. I have grown as a teacher here in terms of my understanding and skills, as a professional, and as a human being because of the aura of compassion that the school exudes.  I feel proud of my identity today as a Wisdomite, a teacher, a student, and a social being.


Edna Fernandes

English HOD

Change is the result of true Learning! Stands true when one thinks of the Wisdom High group of schools. My journey as an educator has been delightful with bounteous opportunities to grow and develop. The school provides a seamless amalgamation of classroom teaching backed by the latest technology for the well-achieved and acclaimed results its students attain. All in all Wisdom High group of schools is not just an institute, it’s a culture…

Reena Mehta.jpg

Reena Mehra

Maths & Science Teacher

Teaching is one of the esteemed organizations of Nashik i.e. WISDOM HIGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, CAMBRIDGE.
I take Math and Science in grades 1 and 2.
I am proud to be part of   ' 'Differential Cambridge Curriculum' that really enhances the overall development in terms of knowledge, wisdom, analytical and critical thinking not only of the students but teachers as well.
I thank Ritu ma'am, Manish Sir, and management of Wisdom High for giving me the opportunity and helping me learn many things, and to groom my personality

Amrita Ranjan

Chemistry Teacher

I’ve completed 4 beautiful years of my journey in this prestigious school. I could not ask for a better place for my self-development. Furthermore, the school has a great staff of educators who are dedicated to helping everyone around. My daughter began her school journey in this school as well. Although she is too small to express, she loves going to school. A school filled with love, warmth, and the best education which caters to everyone's needs.

Lavina Nagdev.jpg

Lavina Nagdev
English Teacher

I am extremely supported at Wisdom High International. I am given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be a part of the LWHIS family which takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action!

Bina Abraham.jpg

Binu Abraham
HOD Physics

journey of two decades being at three schools,  by making a career choice in teaching and asking my mom for her opinion, She said, “follow what will let you find life a vacation” keeping this in mind I made a great choice, I have never been tired since then. I grew every day in various dimensions of teaching and learning. Everything seems like yesterday when we (me and wisdom high international school) synchronized to a waltz.   Reminiscences remind me lot of workshops, open discussions with colleagues, and many more activities. One big test for you to know how much you love your “vacation” is when you go the extra mile making finishing touches to a task may be a  competition like egg drop, water rockets, roller coaster, be with some students who would like to rework on a lab to achieve finesse, for the cause, the student. The best part is every year you have the opportunity to build love, care and trust. Trust from parents, management and mostly from students.
We are teachers... We are chosen for a cause... we may not save lives but we do make lives!

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