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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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Master Vivek Punjabi

Class of 2010
BA-LLB from NBT Law College, Nasik

Our alumni Vivek Punjabi is the protector of the law. He completed BA- LLB from NBT Law College, Nashik. He is now a Senior Advocate at Bombay High Court. Vivek thrives in dynamic environments and quickly
adapts to the ever- changing demands of the legal field. He has experience in achieving favorable outcomes in court cases and tackling these cases with tenacity and an analytical mindset. We wish him all
the luck to evolve as a justified advocate to we all will look up to!

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Ms. Sejal Mathur

Class of 2010 Writer by Passion
Masters in Urban Planning, New Delhi

With a flair of writing and experience in freelance content writing, Sejal has
successfully published 3 research papers in an International peer-reviewed journal which were also showcased in National level conferences. Her proficiency in writing is class apart which is why she has got some brilliant
opportunities to manifest her talent in Urban Vaastu Magazine, in Urban Fringe for the portal, in editorials for the portal apart from her informal publications in annual magazines, newsletters and contributions to Quora and We are extremely proud of her successful career and feel elated for a fact that her base was laid by our school!

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Master Nikhil Pingle

Class of 2015
Computer Science from TU Munich

Having participated in various Figure Skating championships, Nikhil has a long list of medals to his name including 2 gold’s at International and National championships each. He has also been a part of world-
recognized championships like 4 World Junior Grand Prix and Asian Winter Games 2017 in Sapporo, Japan. His determination showered him with opportunities, one of which is when he participated in the US
Academic Decathlon and won the first position in the district, the region
as well as the state of Wisconsin! His name is not only well versed in sports, but he has also breezed through the C1level of the German
language and has gone on to complete an intensive e course of Bachelor in Computer Science at TU Berlin choosing the language as a medium of instruction. His career graph has many opportunities yet to be
unfolded and he is well inclined towards proving himself towards success.

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