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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Akshay Kulkarni

Akshay Kulkarni_edited_edited_edited_edi

1) Completed B.E. Production Engineering: 2012-2016.

2) Worked in Quality Assurance with an automotive company: 2016-2017.


3) Completed MBA&E at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin, Germany: 2017-2020.

- parallely completed internships with Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH and Robert Bosch GmbH and and my master thesis at Robert Bosch GmbH. 


4) Currently working as an internal consultant for Production System and Process Optimization with Deutsche Bahn Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (Maintenance division of the German Railway responsible for Railway Coaches and its components) 2020-current


My name is Akshay Kulkarni, one of the students of the first batch of Wisdom High International School, and I feel privileged to share my experiences and stories of my schooling years. 


After joining WHIS in 2007, all my reservations about this new change were soon replaced with positive feelings of confidence and joy. 


From the first day onwards, I never felt out of place and was welcomed by everyone with open arms and a warm smile. WHIS provided me with a platform to realize my full potential and hone my skills. I still reminisce about my days as the school president and a house captain, where I had the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and to learn to be a leader. 

Having never been intensively involved in athletics, I found my calling in football and WHIS made it possible for me to have a balanced school life between sports and academics. 


I enjoyed all the extracurricular activities like elocution day, school trips, and various festival celebrations. My schoolmates and I would always look forward to such occasions. 


I made a lot of friends here with whom I share many beautiful memories over games of football or table tennis, quiz competitions, and learning together in the classes. 


WHIS was the highlight of my childhood and I found the best teachers here, who inspired great confidence in me to help fulfill my dreams and whose morals and principles guide me to this day. They also taught me to believe in myself and to never give up. I am very thankful to each and everyone during my time at WHIS.



Akshay Kulkarni

Ashley Jones

Ashwarya Milind_edited.jpg

From a Proud Wisdomite,

Hello to all the parents, all my budding learners, and my WHIS family.

I am Aishwarya Milind Pagar, a proud alumnus of WHIS and also lucky and fortunate to be a part of the first batch of 2010 of WHIS.

As, of today I am an Industrial Product Designer with varied industry experience and currently pursuing my Masters in Design Innovation from Media Design School, Auckland New Zealand, along with excelling in a lot of co-curricular activities, but to whatever and wherever I am today my foundation goes back to my School, Wisdom High International School.


Undoubtedly the best school and couldn’t have asked anything better. WHIS is no less than a home and a family. WHIS has always taught US and WE before I and ME.

The exposure that this institution gives you in both curricular and co-curricular is world-class.


From learning every bit of values learnings and teachings, WHIS has it all.

When I look back to my school days I never feel that I ever lacked in learning anything, be it academics or life skills.


WHIS prepares every student with a sense of confidence and courage that is imbibed in you to face the world and life for greater challenges.

The teachers look after every student with all the love and care each one needs and helps one out whenever the child lacks.


WHIS is the best place a child can learn and evolve.

From a proud Widomite.


Rahul Avale 

Rahul Avale_edited.jpg

Mast. Rahul Avale – 2009-10

Most people would argue transferring schools at an impressionable age of 14 and having to repeat 7th grade which at that time was the highest level of education afforded at WHIS was not the smartest decision, jokes on them it ended up being one of the best decisions. We were their firstborn and the school wanted to do the best by us and provided us with the ability to hone any skill we desired by bringing in the best educators, professional coaches, and talented artists. I wasn’t the biggest troublemaker during my younger years in school, but I found myself in the middle of it more often than not, the school never coddled us nor were they unjust with our punishments and since then I’ve learned to make better decisions and reflect on my actions. The relationships that I’ve developed during my school days, not only with my schoolmates but with teachers and every other person working at the school are something I will cherish and look back upon with extreme joy.


The school taught me to never settle and simply be content in life, which led me to push myself to be better, do better, achieve more in life. There’s no doubt the quality and the level of education provided by the school is at power with the best institutes in the country, but I shall be ever so grateful to them for letting me discover the sportsman in me. From representing the school in various sporting events, moving up to representing my college, the city, and the state instilled in me and if I may be so bold and say an attractive cockiness. The school provided an excellent stage for all its students to shine and be the best versions of themselves. I will always look back to those days and recall them with fond memories of beautiful friendships, respectful mentorship, fun school trips, not-so-scary punishments, and competitive but respectful sports rivalries.

I would like to conclude by borrowing a few words from one of my batchmates and an esteemed Alumna Sejal Mathur, we are extremely privileged to have been part of the Golden Batch of 2010 and would also like to remind them that it’s been a decade since we graduated school and that we’re old. I’m grateful and humbled to be a part of the Wisdom High International School family.

Komal Patel

Komal Patel.jpg

Talking about my journey at WHIS gushes down a stream of nostalgia.

Being a student of the first batch of 2010, my school holds a very special place in my heart.

Learning at Wisdom High was never been abided by the stereotypical methods, in fact, it was always infused with fun and practicality in all fields. All my years at school have filled me up with so many memories that when I ponder back upon my school days, it feels like a journey full of learnings and experiences. It not only is an institution of gaining knowledge and wisdom but an experience of a lifetime. Going to school never felt like a compulsion. Celebrating festivals, occasions, annual functions, and even events like sharing days, brought in a lot of positivity, cheerfulness and enthusiasm throughout. The investiture ceremonies always ignited responsibility and leadership qualities.

The enthusiasm and dedication in my teachers, to make sure we not just learn but understand and live through all experiences is what I will always cherish. I not only read and learnt, but also experienced the emotions that came across with the learnings. The dramatic sessions while learning Shakespeare, experimenting in the chemistry lab, creating our own versions of art in the pottery sessions, running across the basketball field with wide smiles, meditating every morning during the assembly, trying to make the perfect tea in the school sleepover and many such never ending experiences, are the closest to my heart.


I always fall short of words, when it comes to appreciating the enormous efforts taken by our teachers. They always encouraged our minds to think, hands to create and our hearts to love. Apart from the usual teacher student relationship, we bonded as a family. Be it the distinct teaching methods, field trips, classroom sessions, sports days, outdoor and extracurricular activities, Wisdom High has always been so innovative, that it makes me proud to be a Wisdomitee. All of the team building activities and events have infused in me a lot of patience, leadership and confidence which are my assets today.


My success definitely scores its creditability, from my learnings in school and I would like to thank my school, all my teachers and the entire team of Wisdom High International School for helping me chase my dream and for being the guiding star of my life, that has helped me shine today.

Mast. Mihir Patil

Mihir Patil_edited.jpg

A level (batch of 2017)

College: School of Economics, NMIMS Mumbai

Major: Economics, Minor: Finance

I completed my A levels from WHIS in 2017 and went on to do Economics honors from NMIMS Mumbai. I graduated in 2020 and began working at DE Shaw, a global hedge fund, where I cover European equities.

Wisdom High is an excellent institution and provides students with every opportunity to develop themselves and progress ahead. The A levels course put me in good stead to pursue my career and I would surely recommend it.

Ms. Roshni Manghnani



  • Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCWE) - Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (2019-2020)

  • BBA-CA (Computer Applications) - Ashoka Centre for Business & Computer Studies (2017-2020)

  • Graphic Design - MAAC (2018-2019)

  • AS & A Levels - WHIS Jr. College (2015-2017)

  • IGCSE - WHIS (2008-2015)


  • Senior Executive - Global Relations at Infinium Global Research (May 2020-Present)

  • Freelance Social Media Manager (July 2019 - October 2020)

  • Graphic Designer at Augustweb (August 2017 - August 2018)

  • Graphic Design Intern at Madhechi (February 2018)

My Story:

Hello there, I'm Roshni Manghnani. I've done my schooling and junior college at Wisdom High International School. I then invested my 3 years of bachelor's in Ashoka, to pursue BBA-CA. In those 3 years of studying, I discovered my interests in graphic designing and creative writing.

I enrolled myself in a Graphic Design course. I did internships and freelancing for a while. Then, I pursued a Diploma in Creative Writing, which helped me understand and express myself in a better way.

In May 2020, I started working at Infinium Global Research, a market research firm. My role initially included designing, creating content, and hosting events. Over time, analyzing my interest in interacting with diverse people, my role changed to managing customer relationships along with planning and working on business strategies.

Being the Executive Assistant for a year, I've hosted several talk shows and interviewed renowned industry professionals such as Ms. Anjana Susarla - AI Researcher, Mr. Prathveesh Shetty - Owner of Tamanna Hotels Chain, and others.

I've also had the opportunity to work on the company's new venture: SA Films & Media, which developed an OTT Platform: Bingeit Now. It got me in touch with creative professionals and catered to my artistic aspirations. I worked on writing scripts, experimented with designing, and learned the art of filming.

I look forward to learning more things, as my journey has just begun.

Aishwarya Dharmadhikari

Aishwarya Dharmadhikari_edited.jpg

I am Aishwarya Dharmadhikari from the 2014 batch of WHIS.


In my time at WHIS, I had a very good exposure to different fields in our Summer internship camps in our field of choice, wonderful teachers who inspired me and fellow wisdomites who pushed me to do my best. I found my calling and I went on to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and completed my MBBS from Govt medical college in Nagpur. I am currently doing my internship here. When the patient says "Thank you doctor", or when I did my first delivery, it was a surreal experience and worth the long journey! I hope more Wisdomites take up this noble profession!

Ms. Avanti Andhale

Avanti Andhale_edited.jpg

I passed out from wisdom high in 2011. After completing my 11th and 12th from RYK Nashik, I started my MBBS from Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital and Research Center in 2013.

In 2019 I graduated from medical college. Then I spent a year working as a Medical Officer at Suvichar Hospital Nashik.

In Jan 2021 I started working as a tutor in the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology in my medical college itself.

Now I am preparing for my postgraduate education.

Riddhi Kansara

Riddhi Kansara_edited.jpg

I am Dr. Riddhi Kansara, a Dentist by profession. I completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) degree from MGV's KBH Dental College. Being a part of Wisdom high international school was a great experience and it really worked wonders for me.

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