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Admission Process

We thank you for your interest in Wisdom High for your child’s education. We accept applications for admissions to Grades 1 to 12.

Click on the link below for inquiry. You can ask for an online process / on ground process

3. Entrance Assessment Format:

For Grades 1 to 4

Duration: 1 hour

English, Mathematics & Hindi 

For Grades 5  &  6

Duration: 2 hours

English, Hindi, Mathematics & Logical Reasoning 

For Grades 7 to 9

Duration: 2 ½ hours

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Any 2 Sciences & Logical Reasoning 

The assessment would be based on the syllabus that the 

child has studied during his/her earlier classes.

There is no fixed syllabus. We follow a multiple choice question paper pattern and essay writings with comprehension skills. Students will be evaluated for spellings, reading & recitation along with the written test. An evaluation will be carried out on the basis of the marks obtained in the tests.

4. Interview & Evaluation 

The evaluation report will be sent for interview to the Principal. The interview shall be held on the same day if time permits or a date & time convenient to both. It is necessary for both the parents to accompany the child for the interview.

An interview will be conducted only after submission of all the documents required.

5. Document Submission 

After a successful assessment & meeting with the Head of the institution , if your child is offered a place at the school (and you wish to accept it), you would receive an admission granted slip & you must complete the following formalities with in two days with submission of all pending documents. Pay the required fees as per the schedule given.

6. Co-curricular Facilities 

The student needs to select an extra-curricular activity (at Wisdom High) like dance, music, drama etc. for which, an activity form will be filled. 

7. School Conveyance & Meal facility 

For school bus facility and lunch facility , you will be introduced to the Administrator . Facility for bus and lunch need to be finalized during the admission process only. 

8. Books, Uniform & Stationery

Book sets, uniform & stationery need to be purchased from the school vendor on tuck shop day. 

1. We request Parents to fill the enquiry form mentioned below and our admission officer shall contact you or you can get in touch by calling on the following numbers

* Little Wonders  # +91 7447400795
* Wisdom High ICSE (Rameshwar Nagar)  # +91 7888045781
* Wisdom High ICSE & Cambridge ( Govardhan )  # +91 7447400797
* Connect Academy - # +91 9822497497
* Wisdom High SSC /Jr college / Career Boosters -# +91 9822497497

2. The Admissions Officer will call you and send you all details you require about the school and curriculum.


Once you have decided -

  • Fill the admission form,

  • submit all documents 

  • Your child for appears for an entrance assessment

  • meeting with academic coordinator

  • interview with the Principal 

9. Uniforms 

(To be purchased from the school 's vendor for uniformity

Uniform for Grades 1 to 4

  • Blue T shirts &  beige pants / skirts

  • White socks and black shoes

Uniform for Grades 5 to 10

  • Girls: box pleat grey skirts & blue half sleeves shirts

  • Boys: full pants & half sleeve shirts

  • Tie, belt, white socks and shoes

  • Grade 7 onwards children need to wear navy blue blazers with full sleeve shirt & a tie. 

Uniform for Grades 11 & 12

  • Girls: grey skirts and ink blue half sleeve shirts

  • Boys: grey trousers , ink blue half sleeve shirts 

  • Tie, belt, white socks and shoes

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